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Already twenty-five years, the developers at Team17 the worms are forced to fight each other for the amusement of the public. Fancy a turn-based game with elements of strategy have made it a hallmark of specific humor and unusual battle. Every action, phrase or weapons here make you smile. Worms constructed in such a way that we can create funny situations. Helps her in this local Arsenal and interactive environment. With only one mined sheep can remember a lot of interesting stories. And besides it there is also a concrete donkey, a grumpy old woman, the Holy bomb and many other destructive and at the same time ridiculous weapons.
Worms W. M. D is my favorite of all the classics with the addition of fundamentally new weapons of mass destruction. At this time we are available with wide range and various kind of equipment, turrets, and even a huge fighting robots. Each product has its own distinctive features. Tank good for remote volleys, but slow during the move. In contrast to him – a robot who fights only in melee combat, high jumps, and is able to plan. And climbed on the helicopter, the worm becomes extremely effective in open areas. Can be halfway across the map, parallel to the spraying enemies with lead from a machine gun. But it is necessary not to forget that fire is only down and strictly perpendicular to the body of the helicopter, so, leaning to the right, the gun will shoot left and Vice versa. In addition to the maps scattered turrets several types: machine gun, flamethrower and sniper.
The authors have refreshed the concept and added the ability to create weapons during a move. To create a new object of military leave special items that must be collected in various, often well-hidden places on the map. Not used, the weapon can be disassembled into parts.
Every item in the inventory has several modifications. For example, a simple pomegranate is transformed into gas and blow the aircraft turns demonic blow that sets fire to everything around, or superbomb, penetrating into the ground.
Visually, the game looks bright and nice. The locations are recognizable monuments, like big Ben or the Kremlin in Moscow. The authors have kept the destructible environments, and when there are any building, you probably will be hidden inside crates of ammunition. There is a campaign you can meet special leaflets, opening new missions in challenge mode.
The design of the worms themselves, has undergone some changes. The contours become rougher, and the facial expressions more exaggerated. Now, even with a strong separation of the camera you can see how “spiky” the soldier yawns or yells near the bomb.
The battles themselves can take place in several modes. There is a training mission designed to acquaint the beginner with the basics of the game; challenge mode – it is more like a collection of puzzles, where with the help of ropes and “such a mother” we need to defeat the superior forces of the enemy. But if you are confident, you can try to play on high difficulty in a match against the computer. In this battle the enemy worms can shoot and spin the projectiles of the Bazooka using the wind at an incredible trajectory. This mode will test your abilities and knowledge is a tactic that forces to experience all the depth of gameplay, which at first glance may seem simple.
In the campaign mode the difficulty increases gradually, and the real challenge will be closer to the final. Each mission is accompanied by side quests. For example, to throw the enemy into the water with turrets, kill more than two enemies in one turn, and so on. Often to perform additional assignments required a special weapon that is not in the inventory. In this case, you need to find a hiding place or create the arms by hand. For the performance of additional tasks, the level rises and opens the various attributes for the editor team.
It is worth noting that in the beginning of the game we propose to create a team of worms. However, it is best to just change the first command, which then you can pass the mission and testing.
Single-content in this part stepped forward, however, in Worms always interesting to play with a live opponent. In W. M. D has an opportunity to play on one TV, and also through online. The developers have prepared several modes, including ranked match, but unfortunately, I forgot about the comfortable lobby, so it is either just invite friends, or find random opponent in four of the exposed parameters.
To the obvious disadvantages are strange bugs, when the game simply freezes or begins to slow down so that saves only restart. Any apparent causes and patterns we have identified that the game just freezes during the match. Fortunately, this happens rarely, and most likely the developers will fix these problems soon.
W. M. D Worms are the same worms that we remember and love, with a few nice innovations and for a reasonable price. If you are keen on the series or just want to shoot the tank for the worms and run “superauto”, then many hours of exciting fun.

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