WOW: Yrel desktop wallpaper

World Of Warcraft: Yrel

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Light of hope
Yrel wants to help his people survive, even in the darkest hour of finding a balance between hope and anger.
Born on Draenor, the shelter expelled draenei, Yrel devoted herself to the faith. She grew up in the temple Karabor novice – a symbolic place for her fellow professing faith in the Light. Devoting himself to the beliefs and knowledge, Yrel became fed hopes for healing. Her talent was noticed Prophet Velen. He asked her to become his disciple and soon began to teach her the art of control and sacrifice. But deep down Yrel he kept a dark secret. Velen felt it, and predicted that, good or bad, but Yrel will play a significant role in the future. Upon reflection, Yrel chose to stay in the temple and continue to care for others. But it was not to last forever.
Her peaceful life ended suddenly when wild orc clans merged into indomitable Iron Horde and decided to grab Draenor. Yrel had to plunge into the thick of the war. And now it is two steps away from the greatness and power. Whatever was her fate, she is not destined to be a humble nun temple Karabor. Draenor in danger, and it will have to do more: to save his people from oblivion.
Yrel grew up in the temple Karabor in Shadowmoon Valley – a beautiful location by the sea, full of gardens, monuments and luminous rooms. It was there that many of the draenei devote themselves to the service of the Light. Beyond the walls of the temple moonlit plains stretch to the horizon.

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