WOW: Wrathion HQ wallpapers

World Of Warcraft: Wrathion

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Black Prince
Gnevion – one of the few survivors of Azeroth black dragons. It is characterized by a very peculiar vision of the future of Azeroth.
Gnevion hatched from the eggs, purified efforts Reastrazy red dragon, dwarf scientist and mighty heroes. This is the only black dragon on Azeroth, which have not defiled the influence of the ancient gods. Their irresistible curse turned Neltharion Earth Keepers, Gneviona father’s mad Deathwing the Destroyer for surnamed caused them untold hardships.
Under the cover of shadows Gnevion sent killers to destroy many of his brothers, black dragons, profane curse. After the death of Deathwing, he took up the study and observation of Pandaria volatile relationship Alliance and the Horde. His true purpose remain a mystery to all but Gnevion he appeared before representatives of the two factions, allegedly intending to help combat the new threat, which, according to him, it may be too tough for all the heroes of Azeroth together.

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