WOW: Vol'jin High

World Of Warcraft: Vol’jin

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Horde Warchief
Vol’jin, the Troll Darkspear – a valiant warrior, Dark-Hunter. His voice of wisdom, the voice of the leader leads the Horde forward.
A native of the Darkspear tribe, which united the exiles troll, Vol’jin led his people after the death of his father, the sorcerer Sen’jin. When the orcs to Kalimdor Thrall moved after the Third War, and the Darkspear tribe to join them. Since Vol’jin was one of the most trusted advisers of the leader. Together with Thrall they overcame one after the other in the present crisis. They were able to fix the situation in the Undercity after the conspiracy organized by Grand Apothecary Gnileasom and dreadlord Varimathras and expel medicine man Zalazane with the Echo Isles, where previously lived Darkspear trolls.
When was the leader Garrosh Hellscream, Vol’jin immediately disliked him for his passion for war. Leader of the trolls took quite a bit of time to withdraw most of his tribe out of Orgrimmar, and return to the Echo Isles where Darkspear tribe was far enough away from Garrosh. After some time in the field of Vol’jin fell Zandalar trolls – an ancient nation, intends to create a new empire of trolls – and he enlisted the help of heroes of the Horde and the Alliance to cope with them. After the attack on the Horde and Theramore during the campaign in Pandaria relationship Vol’jin and Garrosh finally deteriorated, and the leader of the Darkspear trolls joined the few who openly condemned the bloodlust and greed, captured the leader. Led a revolt, deposed Hellscream, Vol’jin he took the mantle of leader. Deadly dangers lurk Vol’jin at every step, but a major test for the first troll in history, who stood at the head of the Horde, will overcome the strife that broke out during the reign of the tyrant.

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