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World Of Warcraft: Vindicator Maraad

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Vindicator Maraad
Hammer of Light
Vindicator Maraad – an example to follow for the tribesmen. He is revered for his courage in battle and swiftness in justice to be done.
Vindicator Maraad Paladin Light – a strong fighter and fought in more than one war. He defended the draenei, when escaping from the demons of the Burning Legion, they were running from one world to another. Maraad embodies the harsh justice. His faithful Hammer of Light he punishes anyone who threatens his people. He vowed to always protect the innocent. But when attacked Draenei Draenor orcs Maraad failed to keep that vow. Since then, his relentlessly tormented by guilt for the misfortune that befell his people. Those few of the draenei, who managed to survive, found refuge in Azeroth.
For years Maraad distressed and reproached himself. But recently, it came to him the news that orc betrayer Garrosh Hellscream had managed to sneak in a different hypostasis of Draenor past and let the story the other way. In this version of the orc clans merged into a monstrous alliance of destructive power – Iron Horde and now threaten both worlds, Draenor and Azeroth. Maraad agreed, along with the other heroes of the noble Alliance to lead the army in anticipation of an imminent invasion of orcs. Now he will be able to heal the old wound, to fix the tragic mistakes of the past. He intends to finally fulfill a long-standing promise – not only to save the innocent, but also to cruel revenge on those who brought him to the draenei and everything so much suffering.
Vindicator Maraad appears wherever the draenei face harassment from the dense jungle to the stellar Tanaanskih pastures in Shadowmoon Valley, and, of course, in the center of draenei on Draenor mill – in Shattrath.

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