WOW: Vereesa Windrunner widescreen wallpapers

World Of Warcraft: Vereesa Windrunner

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Vereesa Windrunner
Ranger Silver Covenant
Vereesa – the heroine of the fallen of Quel’Thalas and the sworn enemy of the Horde: Horde destroyed her life.
Vereesa, the younger sister of Alleria and Sylvanas Windrunner, Ranger has become the city of the high elves, Silvermoon. She had experienced a lot of tragedy: the death of almost the entire family at the hands of the invading orcs, the destruction of his native city, Quel’Thalas, the undead Scourge and turning into a terrible sister Sylvanas Banshee. However, in her life and remarkable events occurred: for example, she was able to destroy the wicked demon soul talisman, after which she married the magician-a man named Ronin, with whom she had two children.
After moving with his family to the city of Dalaran mages Vereesa founded the Silver Covenant: it included militant high elves, who were opposed to the presence of the blood elves in the Kirin Tor. When the troops attacked Garrosh Theramore and the city was destroyed, and Ronin died Vereesa helped Jaina Proudmoore to create an army of the Kirin Tor. It was a large army combat mages and warriors to help the forces of the Alliance and Horde to stop the advance of Pandaria. Vereesa and its troops were among those who drove the Horde mages of Dalaran, and then once a neutral city became a staunch ally of the Alliance. Silver Ranger Union (and the youngest of the Windrunner) is always ready to meet a new face to face adversity.

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