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World Of Warcraft: Velen

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Velen, known as the timeless, for his long life has seen many worlds, subsequently destroyed by the Burning Legion. And he’s one of the few who still remember what they were.
The history of the birth of Velen lost by lapse of time. Once he was the ruler on his home planet Argus. Thousands of years ago, the dark titan Sargeras offered him unlimited power to the people, but Velen did not accept the gift, as anticipated – the price paid for this will be terrible. Unfortunately, there were also those to whom these promises liking. After defiance dark titanium remain on Argus was like death. Due to the naaru – wise and powerful beings created of pure light, Velen and his followers managed to leave their home planet. Since then, the fugitives began to call themselves the draenei, meaning “exiles”. Sargeras sent in pursuit of the draenei his army of demons – Burning Legion. For thousands of years it took to Velen to get away from the chase and find the last resting place – a world populated by ferocious orcs. Draenei named their new home Draenor.
Hundreds of years of Velen’s people lived on Draenor in peace and quiet, but it was only a temporary respite – the Burning Legion and found them there. Demons decided to sow discord between the draenei and orcs, but this was no longer necessary: the orcs of Draenor together and formed the invincible Iron Horde to destroy all the draenei settlement on the planet. But Iron Horde – not the worst problem faced by the ancient prophet. Every time he looked into the heavens, he is visited by the thought that somewhere outside of Draenor, there are forces of darkness that have plagued him. He put on to avoid them, but the orcs are ready to set them free. Now Velen has to protect its people, or darkness engulf all …
Resident Prophet Velen – Temple Karabor. Since time immemorial, between the boundless sea and gloomy plains Shadowmoon under the flickering sky majestic temple, as if covered with ghostly canopy woven of moonlight and starlight.

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