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World Of Warcraft: Varian Wrynn

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Varian Wrynn
Alliance leader
Varian, a former gladiator, now is the king of the people of the state with its capital in Stormwind and Supreme Commander of the Alliance forces.
Varian Wrynn – King of the people of the state with its capital in Stormwind and Supreme Commander of the Alliance forces. In his youth, Varian has experienced the horrors of the First War, the invasion of orcs to Azeroth, ended with the death of his father, King Llane Wrynn. Many years later retook Stormwind, Varian and began the restoration of the ancient capital. He married the beautiful Tiffin Ellerian, and they had a son, Anduin, named after the great hero of the Alliance Anduin Lothar. But as soon as the Third War, King Wrynn was kidnapped minions black dragon Onyxia, who shared Varian being two: one half was the personification of strength and confidence, and the other was completely devoid of will. Onyxia had hoped to get rid of the person Varian warrior and gain power, enthroned Stormwind limp puppet. But the strong personality of the Varian managed to escape from the hands of the kidnappers, and she became famous under the name of a legendary gladiator Lo’Gosh, which means “Ghost Wolf”.
By combining the two halves of his personality and take their rightful place on the throne, King Wrynn has organized a powerful military campaign against the Lich King in Northrend, and defended their possessions from the disasters that are caused by Deathwing. Recently Varian turned his gaze to his old enemies of the Horde, and his advisers feared that the king intends to involve the Alliance in another long war. Varian’s ongoing struggle with himself in an attempt to reconcile the warlike temper with the duties of the king became even fiercer after the destruction of Theramore and violent clashes in Pandaria.

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