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World Of Warcraft: Uther the Lightbringer

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Uther the Lightbringer
First paladin
Nicknamed “Lightbringer” is difficult to obtain and even harder to keep in the memory of future generations. But the legend of the noble Uther continues to inspire the peoples of the Alliance, even many years after his death.
Many zealous warriors of Light have been killed in the first war, they were not ready for a fierce battle with the Horde. Alonsus Faol, the head priests Northshire, believed that the Light will protect truly pure soul and dedicated, and he began to teach the most virtuous knights of Lordaeron to use the power of the Light in battle.

The first knight proclaimed paladin, Uther became. He helped establish the Archbishop Faol Order of the Silver Hand, and later became the Order of legend. When the Second War, Uther fought side by side with his colleague Turalyon, holding back the onslaught of the Horde leader Orgrim Doomhammer, and then led the Alliance in a decisive attack on the Dark Portal. After the defeat of the Horde Uther helped rebuild Stormwind and healed the sick and wounded.
Uther remained the leader of the Silver Hand for many years, later took the Prince of Lordaeron, Arthas Menethil, to students. However, teacher and student were doing righteous deeds, illuminating grace of the Light of the earth the whole kingdom, until the Scourge did not come to Lordaeron. Rage Arthas before spreading plague forced him to commit horrible acts – such as the Culling of Stratholme – and the thirst for revenge led him to madness. When the prince became the chosen warrior of the Lich King and killed his own father, Uther decided to personally guard the urn of the defeated king. In Andorhal, Arthas and Uther came face-to-face. Legendary paladin fell in battle.

Today Light followers honor the memory of Uther. They have erected a statue in the Cathedral of Stormwind a great paladin. The most earnest fans go to his tomb in Western Plaguelands, where the memory of the light-carrying illuminates the eternal radiance of the earth died.

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