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World Of Warcraft: Tyrande Whisperwind

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Tyrande Whisperwind
High Priestess of Elune
Tyrande – incomparable night hunter and warrior chosen by the goddess Elune. For many years she headed the forces of the night elves.
Tyrande was born thousands of years ago and grew up with Malfurion and Illidan Stormrage. She responded to the call of the Sisters of Elune, followers of the goddess of the moon the night elves and became a priestess, and the brothers went different ways. Their fates are joined again when the Burning Legion came to Azeroth.
Tyrande and Malfurion closer together and resist the invasion of demons; Illidan walked in the way of darkness, sworn allegiance to the Burning Legion, and yielded to the temptation of power. After the defeat of the Legion and what happened after that Rift Tyrande and Malfurion helped elves to return to normal life, and Illidan languished in prison under Mount Hyjal.
They were not long destined to be together. Soon after the night elves settled near Mount Hyjal, Malfurion and the other druids of the night elves had to dive into the Emerald Dream. While Malfurion was in a dream, Tyrande commanded his people to form an army of night elves, which was to protect their land and help allies – hours.
During the Third War, Tyrande sent Sentinels fight with the Horde in Kalimdor, but later merged with the former enemy, and together they were against the forces of the Burning Legion. In addition, she had to awaken the druids (including Malfurion) from the Emerald Dream. They had to leave again a few years later, when the eldest of the brothers, who wore the nickname Stormrage, suffered from damage, tarnish Dream. Tyrande rejoined the lover, in order to defeat the threat, and they both returned to Azeroth, where they helped to his people (and other races of the Alliance) to overcome the consequences of the devastation caused by Deathwing and defended by troops Garrosh Hellscream in Kalimdor.

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