WOW: Thrall desktop wallpaper

World Of Warcraft: Thrall

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Shaman world
A former servant surnamed Thrall Horde managed to unite, to turn yesterday’s robbers in the builders and provide its people a bright future.
Thrall – nickname bestowed upon the young orc named Go’el in his first habitat – POW camp, built for content captured during the Second War, the orc so that they never could endanger the safety of Azeroth. It is unlikely that this orc could choose less appropriate name. When Go’el escaped from captivity, he craved not only for freedom, but also to find their roots. Over time, he gained wisdom, studying ancient beliefs shamans of his people.
Gift shaman Thrall directed to create a new Horde. He became a leader and led his relatives in the arid land, which he called Durotar in honor of his father Durotan. Thrall had the Horde through the seemingly endless number of tests: Orcs managed to defeat gravitating over them curse the blood of demons to survive during the attack of the Burning Legion to Mount Hyjal, help in the overthrow of the terrible Lich King. After the return of Deathwing, destroyed the world to its foundations, Thrall folded with the burden of the ruler and joined the Earthen Ring, the group’s most powerful shaman of Azeroth to calm raging elemental forces and thwart the Destroyer. His successor did Thrall Garrosh Hellscream, as bitterly regretted later, because the hardness of the new leader led to a bloody civil war. Victory over Garrosh, the birth of a son and the election of a new leader of the Horde gave Thrall forces. Having found peace of mind, he is preparing for battle with a force that threatens all of Azeroth. It is difficult to describe the emotions experienced by Thrall, because in the face of deadly enemy from the past, he sees a reflection of some of the features, not so long ago, inherent in its own people.

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