WOW: Sylvanas Windrunner widescreen

World Of Warcraft: Sylvanas Windrunner

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Sylvanas Windrunner
Banshee Queen
Silvana – Queen of the Forsaken. She is looking for a high purpose for his subjects undead, just one death for them is over.
Sylvanas was once the leader of the Rangers of Silvermoon, and stood at the head of the kingdom of elves defenders of Quel’Thalas. She died during the Third War, but her death was not final when her home invaded Arthas Menethil, who brought with him an army of the Scourge. Arthas ruthlessly snatched her soul from the body and dominate it, turning it into a banshee – full of hate servant of the Scourge. When the Lich King has lost some of its power in the battle with Illidan Stormrage, Silwan and other undead, preserved remnants of free will, managed to escape from his control. They founded their kingdom beneath the ruins of Lordaeron. They named themselves the Forsaken and vowed to destroy the Lich King at all costs.
Sylvanas has made to the Forsaken took the Horde and led his people to Northrend to fight the Lich King. But succeed they did not have time: in the ranks of the Forsaken erupted the uprising, which killed many soldiers of the Alliance and the Horde. On reputation Silvana appeared dark spot. It weighed gloomy thoughts about the future of the Forsaken, earned total contempt. Their ranks are no longer replenished. Eventually Banshee Queen agreed with Val’kyr – creepy creatures that could summon undead – they helped to consolidate the Forsaken of Azeroth.

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