WOW: Sunwalker Dezco widescreen wallpapers

World Of Warcraft: Sunwalker Dezco

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Sunwalker Dezco
Chief Searchers Dawn
Dezco, tribe Searchers Dawn leader – one of the greatest servants of the sun. So they call themselves the tauren, who worship the sun, An’she. They draw power from sunlight.
After the Cataclysm Dezco, his pregnant wife Leze and other members of the tribe had a vision of gold, blooming and peaceful country, hidden in unexplored seas. In search of the country’s tribe Searchers Dawn has undergone a lot of trouble. They lost in the sea ships, died in battles with the can, and the wife Dezko died giving birth to twins – albeit with the help of the warrior of the Horde survived a difficult hike through the jungle Krasarangskim. The minister Dezko sun was just ahead, leading his tribe to the gates of Dole blossom forever – a place that was to them in visions. When Dezco managed (not without the help of Anduin Wrynn) convince the Celestials to let strangers in a holy place, Dawn seekers settled in the Sanctuary of Two Moons, and dedicated themselves to the protection of the Dole can.
A bit later, Red Crane Chi-Chi – gods, embodying the hope – said Dawn Seeker Dezco, that one of his children is destined to join the defenders of Dole, the Order of the Golden Lotus. Impressed by the unexpected news and not wanting any of his sons grew up away from his native tribe, Dezco decided to return to Mulgore. On the way through Dezco Dole and a group of refugees came across a squad can, and, despite all efforts to save Dezko two children, one of them died and the other was on the verge of death from poison. Mokimo of the Order of the Golden Lotus used the healing power Dola waters to save a dying small tauren. Dezco decided that I should do everything possible to protect such a wonderful place, and agreed to leave the surviving child, so he grew up under the auspices of the Golden Lotus and then became the custodian of these lands.

Seeker Dawn Dezco continues to defend Dol, and with it all of Pandaria, from anyone who decides to cause the edge of evil.

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