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World Of Warcraft: Shaohao

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The Last Emperor of Pandaria
Emperor ancient Pandaria sacrificed himself to rule wisely, and donated his rule for the sake of the common good.
Shaohao born thousands of years ago, even before the Sundering, and a time when he was the emperor of Pandaria, seemed quite prosperous – but not for the reasons of which he dreamed. Young and Ambitious Shaohao began his reign as well as other emperors – to talk with the venerable caster water Jin-yu, to ask him about his future. Caster water Jin-yu saw a tragedy in the future and death, the green light from the sky, and the country is flooded chaos. Determined to save his empire from destruction, Shaohao vowed to overcome his weakness and went to seek advice from the Jade Serpent Yu-lun, Celestial, symbolizing wisdom.
Improve your spirit – not an easy task. Shaohao met on the way a lot of dangers, and the burden on him, it became harder and harder. Of all his bitter and confusion of feelings: doubt, despair, fear, anger, hatred, cruelty – formed dark spirits sha. One after another, he prevailed over them, until there was only pride. But he could not cope with the recent weakness.
The earth shook in the buzz of the Cleft and reared, threatening death to all living creatures. When the city Pandaren seemed imminent end Shaohao appeared before his people, calling on all to have the courage. he saw in his travels, that the victory over their weaknesses do not need a large force or great art of the ruler, but the willingness to put the integrity and well-being of Pandaria above their own safety, to protect their people.
Determined, he let his spirit leave the body and hide the whole mist of Pandaria, which has saved her from the cataclysm that shook the world of Azeroth. Fog on the many thousands of years to Pandaren hidden from the rest of the world.
Although Shaohao ceased to exist, they say, that the presence of the Last Emperor still felt, when you climb in his footsteps to the top of Kun-Lai.

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