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World Of Warcraft: Rexxar

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Hero of the Horde
Rexxar – Horde becoming a seasoned warrior time. Despite its dark origins, he played an important role in the founding of Orgrimmar.
One of the greatest heroes of the Horde was the result of an unusual orc and ogre Union. Rexxar grew up among members Mok’Nathal on Draenor. He had a tremendous growth and great strength, and brought great benefit during the Horde’s invasion of Azeroth during the First War, despite the fact that there was a half-breed. However vile betrayal of allies (as well as the death of his companion, the wolf Harati, from the hand-orc warlock) eventually killed in Rexxar desire to fight for the Horde, and he decided to wander alone. Rexxar disappeared on Azeroth along with new satellites, including the bear Misha; he decided that the wild animals more trustworthy than the so-called “civilized” world.
During the Third War, traveling across the steppe in Kalimdor, Rexxar met Mogrina, orc warrior defeated boar, and agreed to convey a message to the new leader of the Horde. Rexxar came to Orgrimmar recently rebuilt and met the young Warchief Thrall, who told him about the new ways of the Horde. Impressed by what he saw and heard, Rexxar decided to fight side by side with a troll-scout and Rokhanom Pandaren-traveler Chen exuberant Porter to protect against attacks Orgrimmar Grand Admiral Proudmoore De-lin. De-lin dismissed the exhortations of his daughter Jaina and attacked the Horde warriors, considering them monsters, not credible. Rexxar held a counter-attack, which resulted in the grand admiral was killed. Defended Orgrimmar, the Horde Rexxar was called a hero; after a great battle, he returned to his home world, Outland (so-called lands that were once Draenor). Rexxar is always ready to help the new Horde – his true people.

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