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World Of Warcraft: Ner’zhul

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The leader of Shadowmoon
Ner’zhul – Shadowmoon leader, an influential elder shaman. With remarkable intelligence and cunning, he weaves a far-reaching plot.
Since time immemorial, members of Shadowmoon drew knowledge and wisdom, crying out to the stars shining over Draenor. Orcs from all corners of the world turned to the clan, asking to read their fate. A leader of the Shadowmoon, Ner’zhul, had the ability to communicate with spirits. When legendary leader Grommash Hellscream rallied many orc clans into a single destructive force, nicknamed the Iron Horde, Shadowmoon appeared before chilling choice: to join them or die. Ner’zhul chose life and took the oath of allegiance and Grommashu Iron Horde.
However, militant Grommashu were not interested in mysticism and divination members Shadowmoon. In order not to let the Iron Horde crush his clan, Ner’zhul began to desperately seek help there, where he was not able to reach Hellscream. He rejected the tradition and appealed to the exclusion from the earliest times of dark magic. He found an ancient source of magic in the skies above the Abyss Shadowmoon Valley, and this force only waited for her loose. Now, fixing his eyes to heaven, Ner’zhul seeks to conquer the power of the stars themselves. If he succeeds in this, nor the leaders of the Iron Horde nor the combined forces of Azeroth’s heroes will not be able to stop him.
Ner’zhul Shadowmoon clan heads, located in the hills of the same name of the valley. In these places, always shrouded in mystery, and everywhere one can see the mysterious stone monuments, and underground passes complicated network of natural caves.

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