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World Of Warcraft: Moira Thaurissan

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Moira Thaurissan
Queen Regent Dark Iron
Moira manages the Dark Iron dwarves of Clan and is determined to show the other clans, and the entire Alliance, that it must be considered.
Moira Thaurissan, nee Moira Bronzebeard, was the only child of the mighty King Magni Bronzebeard Ironforge. Due to the fact that Moira was a woman, she remained aloof from the political life of Ironforge and could not in any way influence what is happening. In this position, she was as long as in love and became the wife of Dagran Thaurissan Emperor hated dwarves of the Dark Iron. Magni decided that his daughter left a spell, and assembled a team to deal with and release Taurissanom Moira. But it soon became clear that Moira married against their will. Unfortunately, by the time the Magni learned the truth, Thaurissan was already dead.
Around the monstrous forces stormed the Cataclysm; King Magni selflessly decided a mysterious ritual union with the earth to understand what dangers threaten Azeroth. During the ceremony, something went wrong and the king found himself locked up in a piece of diamond from which it was impossible to release him, and then came the split in the ranks of dwarves. However, chaos reigned only as long as Moira did not return to his home town at the head of the army Dark Iron to take its rightful place on the throne. Ironforge could have been killed in the crucible of civil war if not for the timely intervention of Varian Wrynn and his son, Prince Anduin. With their help, it was formed council, taking into account the interests of all the dwarves, and headed its Muradin Bronzebeard, Falstad Wildhammer itself Moira.

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