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World Of Warcraft: Lor’themar Theron

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Lor’themar Theron
The Lord Ruler Quel’Thalas
After the overthrow of Prince Kael’thas dodgy Lor’themar Theron became a stronghold of the fragmented nation – the blood elves – and led them on the road to recovery.
Led by Sylvanas Windrunner, ranger Lor’themar Theron valiantly defended the lands of the High Elves in a variety of battles. He led his comrades in battle during the invasion of the Horde in Azeroth, was involved in territorial conflicts with Amani trolls fought against the undead armies of the Scourge. When Sylvanas fell in battle and servants of Arthas broke the resistance of the high elves, Lor’themar struggled to help survivors and recover at least a fraction of the glory of his people. The high elves have decided not to give up and dubbed themselves blood elves in honor of their fallen brethren. Lor’themar assumed the duties of the ruling Lord and acted on behalf of Prince Kael’thas Sunstrider, lord of the blood elves, but it soon became clear that the latter is in communication with demons. When Kael’thas was overthrown, Lor’themar became the de facto ruler of the blood elves, and many now doubt whether they need a prince.
When the Horde forces have discovered Pandaria, Lor’themar and his blood elves offered to take part in the conquest of a new continent, but the vile actions Garrosh Hellscream forced him to reconsider his position. The Lord Ruler began talks with King Varian Wrynn in the hope of once again to the side of the Alliance, but Garrosh prevented the conclusion of the contract, organized theft in Darnassus, which accused the blood elves. Resigned to the inevitable civil war, Lor’themar awaiting the right moment to rebel against Garrosh and return the lost glory to his people.

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