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World of Warcraft: Legion

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World of Warcraft Legion
World of Warcraft – the largest and most ambitious MMORPG of all created, that manages to constantly acquires new additions. “Blizzy” understand that endlessly to sell the same game will not work, and all the forces trying to stop the outflow of people from the World of Warcraft. According to many players, we have seen everything it has to offer not only a game, but also the setting in general. The latest addition came to the point that developers began to play with space and time, running parallel reality, which is intertwined with the main. In most cases, this indicates that the setting just bursting at the seams, and there is a crisis of ideas. However, “blizzov” it does not bother, and they recently annonsirovali another addition – World of Warcraft Legion. Will it be a lifeline for WoW, or vice versa – one more nail in the coffin? Let us try to understand this question.
Gameplay World of Warcraft Legion
In World of Warcraft Legion will add several innovations, one way or another will affect the gameplay as a whole:
You will see another hero class, similar to the existing death knight – demon hunter. They may be only the night elves and blood elves. Even with Warcraft 3 known that the Demon Hunter using the power of these same demons in battle. The first and most powerful of them was Illidan, and now the players are free to experience the destructive power of these skilled fighters. In battle, they use double swords and light armor, allowing them to move across the map. This class will be two branches of development, one of which turns into a real hunter, indestructible tank, giving it a lot of defensive abilities, and the second aimed at enhancing maneuverability and speed.
The maximum level of all classes increased to 110. Before it can be pumped to a new location “Chopped island.” It is from here in ancient times came elves on Azeroth. Here we find the most powerful and horrible demons of the Burning Legion, and faced with the mages of Dalaran.
In World of Warcraft Legion will be a special class weapon that will accompany the hero throughout the game. The power of these weapons is growing along with increasing character level. Class weapon can be improved by adding to it specific properties and to pump in the same way as his hero. Each class will have a unique weapon.
There will be special mainstays for all classes. These strongholds are in new locations “Chopped island.” In them we will be able to hire himself companions who will fulfill our orders at the time of the passage of these terrible land.
Introduce a special system of “honor”. If a player behaves Hon and comply with the rules, he charged the special glasses that enhance the level of “honor”. After reaching the maximum level of honor, players can reset it at the same time getting some nice bonus type of mount.
In World of Warcraft Legion each character will be special PVP-skills that we can use during battles with other players.
Improve old Dungey and add a few new ones. And indeed there will be hundreds of small changes in the balance of the game, and the locations, but for them, we learn only after the additions.
Topic World of Warcraft Legion is an acute attack of “deja vu”. Almost all of the events that will occur in addition, we have seen earlier in one form or another. So, the mighty orc shaman Gul’dan was sent to Lord Archimonde Chopped Island – home of the elves to the next prepared an invasion of the Burning Legion to Azeroth. There Gul’dan Illidan’s prison, discovers and rescues him. For the first time in 8 years, Illidan will reappear in the game, but it is not clear whose side he takes.
All these paradoxical events have been made possible thanks to the fact that in the previous appendix Blizzard added to the game of time travel, and now the story can be turned in any direction. It is highly probable that the story is now going in a circle, because the same event can be twisted in any direction.
Graphic arts
On the graphics improvements in World of Warcraft Legion it is not reported, and is unlikely to expect any large-scale improvements. This is good for those who play on the feeble machines, which can not simply pull the modern graphics, but it is unlikely to please the owners of high-end gaming PCs.
In our subjective opinion, the weakest side of World of Warcraft Legion is its plot. Developers do not even try to come up with something new, and a new twist on the events described 10 years ago. And even more – due to the new timeline appears that all the achievements of the players and even the company Warcraft 3 did not mean anything. Archimonde again alive and well, Gul’dan wanders through the worlds and builds his wiles, and even Illidan again brought before us, but we killed him 8 years ago. What’s next? Maybe Arthas will not be the Lich King, and the rest of his days will be exemplary and Venerable paladin? Or Kel Tuzed never out of his library, and would not create the Scourge? Now even that does not seem so delirium.

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