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World Of Warcraft: Kilrogg Deadeye

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Kilrogg Deadeye
The leader of the Bleeding Hollow clan
Kilrogg Deadeye in any battle is held with certainty inherent only to those who have already had to face his own death.
Kilrogg originally from Draenor Bleeding Hollow clan. When arakkoa almost completely destroyed his relatives, he decided that he would not, his head bowed, humbly wait for their fate. He took refuge in a secret alone, who gave the name of the clan, and proceeded to the sinister ritual. He saw in the distant future, his own death – but then, he was not going to die today. Kilrogg cheered, took over the management of the clan, and the Bleeding Hollow orcs crushed in arakkoa battle. This victory was followed by many more. In the following years Killrog clan rules with an iron hand. He dealt ruthlessly with anyone who tried to oppose him, even with the blood relatives, and anticipated the fate that promised him a long time prophecy.
Recently, Bleeding Hollow clan enters the Iron Horde. This is perhaps the most ferocious orcs on Draenor. Killrog steadfastly believes that it is prepared is the same, once and for all a foregone conclusion, death, and is convinced that the Iron Horde lead him to glory before death. His frantic relatives also burn militant fervor and would prepare for war. They perform the mysterious rites and then disappear in the jungle, then reappear, each time with a frightening intentions. About those who ill-fated inadvertently landed on their land, rarely is heard again.
Kilrogg and the Bleeding Hollow orcs lurk in the dark corners of Tanaanskih jungle where twisted secret paths between the ancient trees. In these primitive bush countless nobody knows waterfalls, rivers and creeks, and in the thick underbrush hiding steep cliffs.

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