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World Of Warcraft: Jaina Proudmoore

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Jaina Proudmoore
Head of the Kirin Tor
A mighty sorceress Jaina Proudmoore was ruler of Theramore is now ruined, and now heads the Council of wizards of the Kirin Tor.
Jaina Proudmoore Daelin daughter – ruler of the coastal kingdom of Kul Tiras, the former supreme admiral of the Alliance during the Second World War – from childhood showed great talent in the art of magic. At first it was engaged in training Antonidas, Archmage and the leader of the Kirin Tor, the sorcerers, the Board, who lived and worked in the magical city of Dalaran. While still a young sorceress Jaina tried to stop the spread of a mysterious plague that draws its victims into the Undead; the disease has led to the beginning of the Third War and plunged her long-time friend and lover, Prince Arthas Menethil, in total darkness. The war raged with renewed vigor, but Jaina was able to gain the trust of the new leader of the Horde, Thrall, and it has become one of the key figures who joined Azeroth’s races in a common struggle against the Burning Legion.
Toward the end of the war, Jaina took the reins of power on the island of Theramore, putting all their efforts to mend relations between the Horde and the Alliance. She persists in supporting the world, and especially it concerned its participation in the campaign in Northrend. That she did not give Garrosh Hellscream and Varian Wrynn at each other’s throats, and it also appealed to the remnants of the human soul of Prince Arthas, when he became the Lich King. But her attitude towards the peace negotiations and she herself – everything changed when Garrosh Hellscream, who became leader after the departure of Thrall ordered reset to Theramore mana bomb and destroy the city. As the leader of the Kirin Tor, she has the power and determination to make Garrosh to pay for the bloodshed. But now, when the former leader of the Horde fled from justice, will seek revenge Jaina Horde, which he served? Or she would find the strength to negotiate with the enemy, while the new threat is not doomed to destruction all the races of Azeroth?

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