WOW: Gul'dan Desktop wallpapers

World Of Warcraft: Gul’dan

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The traitor orcs
First warlock Gul’dan intends to subordinate its power – and the power of the Burning Legion – the entire universe.
Gul’dan was born on Draenor, homeland of the Orcs, and was once a member of the mysterious Shadowmoon. Gul’dan was obsessed by lust for power, and concluded a secret alliance with the demons of the Burning Legion – a destructive force that had come from other worlds. Warlock drank demon blood and forever changed the destiny of his people. Containing blood demonic energy Gul’dan disfigured, she turned him into a monster. Sinister orc gathered his closest servants and created the infamous Shadow Council.
Gul’dan was going to subjugate the will of all the orcs of the Burning Legion, the legendary leader of persuading Grommasha Hellscream to drink demon blood also. When this plan seemed to have was about to be crowned with success, everything went ashes – Grommash learned about the betrayal of the mysterious warlock from the Prophet and told about the change to all clans. Not intending to submit to the authority of the Burning Legion, created Grommash Iron Horde, a great army, with which he was preparing to conquer the world of Draenor. Gul’dan was thrown into prison, but the circuit will not be able to keep the long treacherous accomplice demons.
The attempt to seize power turned Gul’dan imprisonment – now it contain Tanaanskih jungle under the supervision of the Iron Warriors Horde. Under the shadow of the new Dark Portal orc army fire and sword hacked a way through the undergrowth, leaving a black trail that divided the ancient jungle into two parts: on the one hand lies the impassable swamp, and on the other – a springboard for combat vehicles Iron Horde.

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