WOW: Grommash Hellscream Background

World Of Warcraft: Grommash Hellscream

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Grommash Hellscream
The leader of the Iron Horde
Grommash Hellscream – a living legend. It represents the power of orcs and their struggle for his soul.
Grommash Hellscream, bold leader Warsong never shied away from fights. Shaking famous Bloody ax howl, he led his horsemen into battle. But no matter how valiant was Grommash, he lacked prudence. When another reckless attack nearly cost him his life, he despised death and crushed the superior in strength enemy, won the right to wages in lieu of certain defeat. His ferocity became famous throughout the world of Draenor. Grommash become a living legend. His son, Garrosh grew up in the shadow of the colossus.
Shortly before the meeting of the great orc clans to Grommashu was a stranger and offered advice. He managed to win the trust of the leader. It was none other than his own son Grommasha, Garrosh Hellscream, but an adult; He returned from the other world. Garrosh has warned his father that among his subjects there is a traitor: he serves the demons and intends to help them enslave the orcs. Grommash exposed the plot, and credibility has increased among the orcs. Nearly all of the clans united under his command. Taking advantage of his popularity and influence, he established Grommash Iron Horde – a loose alliance of orcs who could decide their fate. Now he is preparing is going to capture the fortress in Shattrath Taladore, the sacred temple of the draenei in Shadowmoon Valley and asylum Frostwolf slopes Ridge Ice Fire. If the campaign is successful, Draenor first – but not the last of the worlds – bow before the power of the Iron Horde.
Grommash Hellscream and other orcs Warsong – natives of the fertile lands of Nagrand, where rich in game plains stretch to the horizon. At the heart of this land stands the sacred mountain Oshu’gun. Its smooth slopes, dazzling shining, clear sky is reflected in Nagrand.

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