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World Of Warcraft: Fenris

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Fenris Wolf Brother
Iron Wolf, the chief of Clan Thunderlord
Clan Thunderlord – brotherhood capable, battle-hardened warriors who conquered the mountains, hunting for Gron and live so that it is possible to produce in these harsh lands.
Fenris Wolf Brother – garad eldest son, the leader of the Frostwolf. Father brought up in respect for the family and traditions, but Fenris always believed that above all his own fate. When the Orcs lands threatened Gron – huge beasts, to cope with which it can only have been together – Fenris despite the wishes of his father went to hunt them down with the clan Thunderlord. He returned with a victory, but garad publicly announced that it was just empty and unworthy attempt to satisfy their own vanity. After such a humiliation Fenris left the Frostwolf and joined Thunderlord. Here he quickly achieved fame. The skill and perseverance is more than replaced his lack of blood ties. Fenris gave the name of “Brother Wolf” and called himself the nickname received for daring feats: Iron Wolf.
Year after year, the situation in the Clan of Fenris Thunderlord strengthened. And then the day came when the legendary leader Grommash Hellscream created Iron Horde – an army of orcs, which is to conquer the world of Draenor. The Horde has found the embodiment of the ideal of Fenris: power through diversity. The Horde were a variety of clans; They fought together for the common victory. Fenris knew at stake all that is the very essence of the orc race. He must convince the stubborn Northern Wolves to join the Iron Horde – even if you have to destroy all that he taught us to love the father.
Earth Clan Thunderlord Fenris and lie on the snow-covered expanses Ridge Ice Fire. There are erecting hunting halls of the huge bones of long-extinct creatures. Snow-covered glaciers extending to the horizon, and here and there are seen the sharp peaks of volcanoes shake the earth.

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