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World Of Warcraft: Chen Stormstout

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History Chen Wild Porter
Pandaren are not known zeal for heroic deeds. He homebody by nature, and often in his life did not go beyond his native province. This went on for thousands of years after the split of Pandaria and isolation from the rest of the world. It was believed that at that time a single continent of Kalimdor was destroyed, and there was one in Pandaria World Ocean waters. But nearly 3,000 years ago, I found a brave man, who liked to travel more than anything else. It was the young Liu Lan. Riding the sea turtle, which he called Shen-Su Tszyn, he set sail. Other Pandarus laughed at him, believing that this trip madness. However, years later, Liu Lan sailed back. His turtle has become many times more, and he talked about the marvelous places that are visited. Fire Lana Liu caught fire in the hearts of other young Pandaren, and in the end all the brave people of Pandaria fled their homeland on the back of turtles for the sake of adventure. Since Shen Su-Tszyn no longer appears off the coast of the homeland Liu Lana.
Hundreds of years later, when the turtle there was none of the first Pandaren who went on a journey, leaving the Pandaren, a spark Lana Liu began to subside. And it seemed Pandaren living on an island to wander as they called strikes imagination with its size Shen Su-Tszyn will reside forever upon it.
The thirst for travel
All went to it, until the dynasty Wanton Brewery – a small part of the overall family, who decided to follow Liu Lan thousands of years ago, there has been refilled. Chon Chen Po and Violent Porters – two brothers, one of whom was destined to become a legend.
Chen grew up on the island, hoping to see the world. As heir to the dynasty Wanton Porter, he learned how to cook the best beer in the Shen-Su Tszyn. Just like other young Pandaren, he mastered the martial arts, which he and his peers were taught the elders of their community. He even considered one of the most skilled fighters captured the three elements – air, earth and fire.
But in tortoise shell, no matter how big it may be, did not grow anything new about whatever knew Chen. He dreamed of the best beer in the world, and this was the impetus for him to escape. Pandaren fled, leaving their relatives, another strongman Bo, with which they competed with childhood, brother, and, of course, Li Li – his niece. Outside world harbored many dangers, and Chen could not put a small pandarenku threats, though on the whole island was not to find someone who craved greater Lie travel. But Chen did not forget to do is to send letters niece, further stoking the fire in her heart.
External world
For the first time in many centuries the outside world met Pandaren, full of dreams and he went through uncharted lands him with indescribable inspiration.
Chen Wild Porter
Of all the places that he visited the Pandaren, deserves special attention Ironforge – the capital of the dwarves, led at the time Bronzebeard clan, ruled by taking Muradin – Magni. Dwarves avid drinkers, who does not like them to understand the best beers? Pandaren just wandering in the Eastern Kingdoms, and wherever he was, he was told about Grimbooze Thunderbrew and his beer. In order to find out his secret, Chen went to the dwarves. After meeting with Grimbooze, they proceeded to the beer tasting. Devastated almost all the stocks in the end, each of them found the best beer opponent. They argued for a long time about this and realized that this dispute will be endless, agreed on competition Brewfest Ironforge.
However, in a match interrupted third character – Dwarf Dark Iron named Coren Direbrew. The festival began, and visitors emptied one barrel after the other, by voting for their favorite beer. And it soon became clear that the votes are divided equally between Thunderbrew and lush Porter. For Koren also it was given only two votes, one of which was his own. Dark Iron dwarves went into a rage and attacked Grimbooze. But Chen defended the festival and kicked Koren with hop holiday. Despite this event, festivities continued for several days. And all this time, delicious beer flowed freely. And when it finally ended, it became clear that for Thunderbrew given only one vote more. After this festival has become an annual, and dwarves still grandiose Intoxicated festivals that still do not like Koren Direbrew and Dark Iron. In fact, Chen regretted Koren and voted for him would otherwise have been a draw again. But the fact remains, he lost, and with the promise to come back went in search of ingredients for the best beers.
Upon arriving in Kalimdor, he followed rumors about the best hops, found himself in the Stonetalon Mountains. But what was his surprise when, instead of the rich natural plains, he found goblins destroyed in these parts all living things. Infuriated, Chen began to destroy the terrible machines and thrust out one after the other goblins from this place. But his strength was not enough, and then he came to the aid of the Grove Keeper Aremin. Together they defeated the goblins. In gratitude, the Guardian offered Chen the seeds of special varieties of hops, which bushes are only two left in the world. But being aware of their rarity, the Pandaren refused and continued his journey.
Soon, Chen met Radzhaka – orc sword master that has traveled the world in search of powerful opponents. Radzhak, unlike their counterparts, vowed not to drink demon blood and proud that could cope with anyone and without force contamination. However, in the battle with Chen, he lost. Forgetting his oath, Radzhak went to Outland, where else you could find the blood of demons, wash off the shame and finding new strength to fight with violent Porter.
Familiarity with Vol’jin
Vol’jin and Chen
It is difficult to say how many more adventures Chen had to go through, but fate finally brought him to the far remarkable person. In the vastness of Kalimdor in the red desert dry new Horde, led by Thrall Orgrimmar to build cities that had become the capital of their lands. And that was in these parts Chen, met Rexxar – the mighty warrior of the clan of half-orcs-poluogrov Mok’Nathal that helped Thrall with the problem arises. Chen helped Rexxar produce rare ingredients for his beer, and Chen himself in gratitude for this, and in an effort to explore the local land, joined the squad Rexxar. Together they went through many adventures. Pandaren met with the leaders of the Horde, and in particular with Vol’jin – ruler Darkspear.
In the pursuit of justice, and Chen had to kill. Admiral Proudmoore Daelin – the ruler of one of the kingdoms of the Alliance, the father of Jaina Proudmoore could not forgive the Horde its past atrocities. Although even own daughter said that the new Horde are not enemies, the Admiral intended to destroy them all to a man. However, due to the detachment of Rexxar, which was and Chen, the Admiral was stopped, and the threat from the people ceased to exist.
After that, Chen spent some time in Orgrimmar, experimenting with new beers. He still wrote to his niece Li Li letter, telling her about his travels, but he did not even know that she went after him. Following hearings and visiting all the places he visited Chen, Little Lie under the supervision of his teacher and best friend’s uncle’s strongman Bo reached the ruins of the ancient elven city Eldarath.
According to rumors, it is here thousands of years ago the ancient Pandaren gave high elves artifact Pearl of Pandaria able to quench their thirst for magic. But the rumors were true and hunting for the Naga pearl on the trail of two Pandaren. Naga Zakhara was able to win over the already ispivshego demonic blood Radzhaka and captured Lie. In the battle with the orc, trying to free the student fell strongman Bo. Chen was late just for a moment, but when he was, at the orc had no chance to stand up against him. Wild Porter freed niece, destroying and naga that held her captive. The last words were surly Bo that journey, it’s the best thing in life. And as if not Lie reproached herself that her fault is now dying teacher, Bo was happy and would not hesitate to repeat the journey, attacks him again on this occasion.
In search of Pandaria
After that, Chen went to the island runabout with niece and reunited with relatives. However, the urge to travel has not disappeared, and after a little time Wanton Brewery waiting for new adventures. That’s just about them, we learn from the history of the Lie, which will be in the next article about the great heroes of the world Warcraft.

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