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World Of Warcraft: Blackhand

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The leader of the Blackrock
Blackhand – heart of steel Iron Horde. He firmly controls his army and demands unquestioning obedience.
Chief Blackrock – muscular athlete is very imposing. This is a brilliant strategist. In his army, he maintains perfect order. He always manages to turn the tide, even hopeless, apparently, the battle: he knows how to find the slack from any opponent. When the orcs attacked Blackrock Clan ogres and threatened with total destruction, Blackhand and his assistant Orgrim carried out a daring plan, and at the last minute to snatch victory from the enemy. On the eve of the decisive battle Blackhand took over the famous Doomhammer, and orcs cheered. But those mnye, elemental forces of nature, which helped the leader honorably withdraw from the trial, tightly shackled his hands brush in black stone. So he took to himself a name.
Blackhand first joined the Iron Horde under the Grommasha Hellscream. Based on the instructions received from a mysterious prophet, Blackrock clan began to deliver the Horde fighting equipment in large quantities. Foundry day and night to spew destructive machines and guns, threatening to bury Draenor under the heavy wheels and forged boots. Blackhand – a skilled tactician and leads troops clad in the armor of the orcs, ogres and Hron with frightening determination.
The main headquarters of the orcs of Blackrock is located in Gorgronde. The barren wasteland here interspersed with dense jungle. Of the faults and fractures are pulled poisonous sulfur fumes, the air swirls dark smoke. Fortress Orcs hewed in a massive mountainside. No matter how exhausting life in this inhospitable land, clan stubbornly clings to the ground exhausted, where ground forces are fighting with forces forests.

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