WOW: Baine Bloodhoof Wallpapers

World Of Warcraft: Baine Bloodhoof

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Baine Bloodhoof
Supreme leader of the tauren
Baine Bloodhoof, leader of the tauren – incarnation diligence. Only a terrible tragedy suddenly clothed his authority.
Baine Bloodhoof defended his people ever since over the tauren who settled in the green plains of Mulgore, threatened with destruction at the hands of local tribes Centauri. While the tauren tried to arrange their lives on the plains, they had to deal with a variety of other enemies, from Gnolls Blednogrivov to miners Trading Company. All the while Bein maintained his father, supreme leader Cairne Bloodhoof, steadfastly defended their relatives and justly treated as allies and the enemies of his people.
Toward the end of a very successful campaign which resulted in the overthrow Lich King Garrosh Hellscream killed Cairne in a duel. The outcome of the battle was a foregone conclusion right from the start: a wise old woman Grimtotem, Magath Grimtotem, Garrosh has helped win the match in order to implement a sophisticated plan to take over Thunder Bluff, the tauren capital. Overcoming the pain of loss, Bane immediately returned to the city to restore order and to take the place of the supreme leader. Despite his distrustful attitude to Garrosh, Bane tries and almost added to his people in the Horde, torn apart the lust for power of its other representatives.

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