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World Of Warcraft: Archmage Khadgar

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Archmage Khadgar
The Council of Six
Khadgar, one of the greatest magicians of our time, is ready to sacrifice a lot to protect Azeroth from the encroached on his ruthless army of orcs.
Archmage Khadgar, once who went to apprentice at the Guardian Medivh, became famous as a seasoned veteran of the First and Second Wars. He opened Medivh plans to create a portal to Azeroth, with which exposed corrupt demonic orcs of Draenor were going to take over the planet, he took part in the struggle against his teacher and defeated him. In the heat of battle Khadgar struck a spell to make him gray-haired old man. But although his body weakened, the mind remained as sharp. After the Orcs were driven back to the Dark Portal, Khadgar oversaw the construction of the Fortress of Emptiness experience, designed to guard the door between the worlds.
All was quiet until then, until the orc traitor named Garrosh did not find a loophole in the alternate version of the past Draenor. There’s the legendary leader of the orcs Grommash Hellscream brought destructive army and called it the Iron Horde. Using knowledge about Garrosh portal, Iron Horde began to build a new passage in Azeroth. Not having met serious resistance, the orcs poured into the Blasted Lands and destroyed the fortress Nethergarde. Khadgar, whose wisdom and experience are unmatched, was called to the battlefield, in which the newly turned earth around the Dark Portal. But even one of the most powerful mages of Azeroth will not be able to prevent the destruction of two worlds, if the Horde and Alliance will not unite against the Iron Horde.
Archmage Khadgar, skilled in battle with the orcs and the Burning Legion, is moving forward with the vanguard of the heroes of Azeroth, the Horde of displacing Iron Fortress Nethergarde the Blasted Lands, and then – through the Dark Portal into the wild and unexplored world of Draenor.

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