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Wolverine – the largest representative of the weasel family, became famous for their ferocity. Distributed in North America in Alaska, northern Canada and in the mountainous areas of the Pacific coast. In Eurasia, it is found on the territory of Russia and Scandinavia to 50 degrees north latitude. Previously encountered in other parts of Europe and North America, but were exterminated by man due to hunting and deforestation.
Wolverine inhabits alpine meadows, tundra, and the territory covered by forests and bushes. Predator lives exclusively in areas with a cold climate, and even the 50-degree frosts this beast inconvenience do not deliver. As a rule, strongly eschews proximity to man, which is why prefer the deaf person and sparsely populated places.
Appearance Wolverine is unique – it is the squat mammals with a body length of 65 to 105 cm, 20 cm of the tail and the height at the shoulder and 45 cm Body short, muscular, with a large head with powerful jaws that beast easily break bones.. It has a good sense of smell and hearing but poor vision. Usually silent animal, in case of irritation may growl or a grunt. Jaws and teeth Wolverines
Weight ranges in the range of 9 to 30 kg female is about 10% smaller in size and less than 30% by weight. Short and powerful limbs Wolverines end with five fingers each, each of which is equipped with a claw poluvtyagivayuschimsya. The area of the foot is quite large, which allows the animal to move easily even in deep snow. On the ground moves brisk gallop, not stopping to overcome about 15 km, and the day and vvse 45 km. Wolverine has a brown or brownish-black color with yellow or golden stripe extending from the top of the head, and then on the shoulders and rump. There are two subspecies of the animal – the North American and European. Wolverine close-up
Most of his life Wolverine spends alone, zealously defending the borders of its territory by individuals of the same sex. Combining polygamous couples occurs only during the breeding season from May to August. The female brings posterity once in two years. Progeny appears in the nest built by the female, which is located in the clefts of the rock, caves, burrows or under the trunks of fallen trees (look at the young wolverines can be in the video, laid out above). The number of pups on average 3 pieces. In three months they are weaned at 5-7 months become completely independent. In nature, Wolverine lives 5-7 years. As Wolverine climbs trees as good as moves on the ground
Wolverine can kill prey, which exceeds the size of 5 times, however, provided enough deep snow, where large animals get stuck. Predator hunts reindeer, roe deer, red deer and even moose (pictured Wolverine is just next to the maral killed it). Probably even the biggest bird was not a problem for her teeth. Wolverine ryados with its deer carcass killed when attacking prey, it can reach speeds of 48 km / h. Victims die from bites to the neck, tendon tears or crushing of the trachea. If possible, it kills more prey than it can eat (from the Latin name translates as wolverine gulo “glutton”).
Do not hesitate to take Wolverine and more small prey, such as rabbits, ground squirrels, marmots, lemmings. Also they eat animals killed by other predators, sometimes discouraging production from cougars, bears and even wolves. Photos wolverine with prey
Enemies adult wolverine in nature, virtually none. Violent and aggressive, they can protect themselves from predators, even surpassing them in size several times. For young individuals represent a threat to the wolf, cougar, black bear, brown bear, eagle, wolf, but if there is a tree, it often saves Wolverine from death, as they climb trees perfectly.

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