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Wolf kind of carnivorous mammals of the canine. This animal is one of the most large mammals, the ancestor of the domestic dog. The body length of this predator can reach one and a half meters, the height is up to 90 centimeters, the tail is up to 50 centimeters. Animal weight up to 75 kilograms. Dimensions wolf strongly dependent on the environment. The colder the climate, the more wolf. The animal is covered with thick hair, gray, brownish or yellowish color.
Steppenwolf, in comparison with the forest, less size. Wool their light dim yellow. In winter it becomes a whitish-gray. These predators are very hardy. They have strong legs and sharp teeth are adapted in order to cut the animals. At the steppes and deserts of the wolves feed on ungulates (antelopes, antelopes). In our corner of the prairie wolves prey on hares, foxes, partridges and geese. Wolves often attack livestock. They slaughtered calves and sheep may even tear the weakened horse. Previously, a pack of wolves attacked the hungry in the winter and people. Therefore, their population was severely cut off man.
Yet wolves benefit nature. They play the role of nurses, exterminating the sick and weak animals. Wolves hunt in packs and in search of prey can run long distances.
In the steppe wolves live in ravines, on steep river banks or even in open spaces. They often use the burrows of foxes, or marmots, expand their output and their offspring there. In times of famine Steppenwolf can eat reptiles, frogs and even insects. Can eat a clutch of eggs or chicks. Wolves eat and plant food. They can eat fruit, berries and mushrooms. Because wolves need abundant watering, the heat often make raids on the plantations. This gives them the opportunity to refill water in the body.
Wolves published a very wide range of sounds. Howl, howling, grumbling, whining, barking, yelping. Using voice wolves transmit information to their relatives. They can report the location of the production or the enemy at a great distance. They also have an excellent sense of smell, the smell of the wolf feels 30 kilometers around.
Wolves caring parents. Wolf leads to 10 cubs, feeding them milk first and then chew meat. But the wolf offspring survives only by 40%. Laws wildlife harsh. Now the habitat of these beautiful predators declined significantly.

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