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Full name Whitney Houston (Whitney Houston)
Born August 9, 1963 (53 years)
Place of birth Newark (NJ), USA
Height 173 cm
Biography Whitney Houston
August 9, 1963 in the average American family, which is different from the others except for his passion for music, had a daughter, that it was decided to name the beautiful name of Whitney Elizabeth. Her mother was Cissy Houston, singer in a quartet called Drinkards, aunt and girls have the popular singer Dionne Warwick. Therefore Whitney childhood was directly related to the music. Whitney grew up in a harmonious atmosphere, and as a family it was all well until the moment when Whitney’s parents decided not to divorce: father and mother is constantly changing each other. It was a big blow for the girl, who sincerely believed that her family can be considered exemplary. Music has become the salvation of the girls from the family problems.
Discography and filmography of Whitney Houston
Already in the 70’s Whitney could see for the first time on the stages of New York, it took place in the groups backing vocals from the larger players. In 1981, she was spotted by a manager Clive Davis, who saw her performance in a nightclub and then asked her to sign its first contract. Already in 1983 she was able to conclude a contract with a record company – it became Arista Records. Whitney first album, which was released in 1985 and is called is plain Whitney Houston, I was immediately able to bring her meteoric popularity – it has sold 13 million copies.
The second album called Whitney. At the same time the creation of singer Whitney Houston managed to climb to the first position of the popular and influential magazine Billboard, and it was very notable victory: before the first line in the hit parade could not take any woman. The third album, which was given the name I’m Your Baby Tonight, also did not give reasons to descend from the top of the popularity he has sold 8 million records.
The strength of Whitney was not only the vocal performance of songs, but also participated in the filming of video clips. Therefore, Whitney decided to discover and career as an actress. In 1992, screens out the film with her in the lead role, “The Bodyguard.” For this picture she also wrote the soundtrack I Will Always Love You, which became the best-selling song in the history of the music industry. This song brought Whitney Award “Grammy”.
In 1998 he published the fourth album of the singer – My Love Is Your Love, which was adopted with a bang and the public and critics.
In spring 2000, comes a collection of greatest hits – Whitney: The Greatest Hits. After the release of their fifth album in 2002. Whitney active creative activity ceases. Despite a long lull, it comes back into service in 2009 with his seventh collection of songs that received platinum status and is already in its first week of sales sold out 305 thousand copies.
Whitney was also involved in charity work and that she was in 1989 when Whitney Houston Children’s Fund was founded.
Bad habits
Since the beginning of the career of Whitney considered a role model: she always came to meetings on time, it has not been seen in scandals and questionable relationships with men. By the early 2000s, the status of “good girl” has changed, mainly due to her husband Bobby, who turns out to be the most beneficial effect on the star.
In 2000, there are the first rumors about Whitney’s drug addiction. Against Whitney and her husband even to bring charges of possession of marijuana, from which the singer was able to pay off.
Singer twice went to the clinic for rehabilitation, but even after that, the journalists insisted that celebrity did not quit his addiction.
Life Whitney Houston
From the first known were the first novels, first met Whitney Randall Kanningenom player, and then to actor Eddie Murphy.
In 1989, there was her acquaintance with singer Bobby Brown, who, after 3 years of close relations was the husband of Whitney. In 1993, Whitney gave birth to his daughter, who decided to call Christine. Bobby was a difficult character and constant problems with the law: fighting, drunk driving, sexual harassment of women. Bobby has become a real disaster Whitney: according to rumors, he could not live without drugs, and his fatal passion passed on to his wife. In 2003, Bobby was arrested for having struck his wife during an argument.
In 2006, Whitney filed for divorce. After a long series of trials the singer managed to execute documents, which passed under her daughter full custody.
In recent years the singer has relationships with a young actor Ray Jam – former lover socialite Kim Kardashian. Relations between Whitney and Ray were also not calm: the pair converge, then parted.
The death of singer Whitney Houston
February 11, 2012 her life was suddenly cut short in the ’48: she was found dead in a hotel room Beverly Hilton. Drove “fast” could not save the star.
The exact cause of death has not been established. It is reported that Whitney was found in the bath, so there was a version of the star failed. There is also a version that the singer took a lethal dose of an antidepressant.
54th ceremony of “Grammy”, which was invited to the singer, dedicated to Whitney Houston.
January 31 this year, 22-year-old daughter Bobbi Kristina singer was found at home unconscious, after which the doctors in an attempt to save the girl brought her into an artificial coma. The basic version of what happened – an accident or a suicide attempt. July 26 Bobbi Kristina Brown died. Bobby almost repeated the tragic fate of his legendary mother only twice as fast.

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