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The second life of post-punk
‘White Lies’ is a British post-punk band from London, United Kingdom, founded in 2007, the year three friends who had previously played in a fairly popular band ‘Fear of Flying’.
Very rarely it happens that in the mouth of critics, the new group is compared with someone living or have already completed their existence of legends, but ‘White Lies’ and then managed to score and was put on a par with bands such as ‘Joy Division’, ‘Editors’, ‘The Bravery’ and ‘Interpol’. Interestingly, for a fairly short period of time on the professional stage, the group managed to achieve international fame and win the hearts of not only the British fans, but music lovers from all over the world: those who consider themselves fans of rock music, sees the group of those who will be able to continue the tradition of post-rock, but at the same time for electronic music fans the band is a good example of the synthesis of heavy playing and modern sound technology. To date, the band has won a number of prestigious awards, including the ‘BRITs Critics’ Choice Award’, and conquered the top of the British charts, which, as the experience of past years, the group promises not only long life on the stage, but vigilant control of journalists and fans, for which now every step of the musicians turns into a news worthy of the front page of any newspaper, and every trip to the Studio promises the recording of the new single. The group has three participants, but the live performances part of its expanding to 5 people.
Charles cave and Jack Lawrence-brown from childhood lived close to each other, and in high school became close due to the adjacent musical preferences. Even then, they began to experiment and try to write his own songs, but really guys became interested in after meeting with Harry McVeigh, who was the main initiator of the group ‘Fear of Flying’, which subsequently born ‘White Lies’. Within a few years the musicians played in ‘Fear of Flying’ and have achieved widespread popularity in the UK, often speaking at the opening act for other bands and various musical festivals.
In 2006-m year, the band released two vinyl, which was producer Stephen Street, best known for his work with ‘Blur’ and ‘The Smiths’. Over time, however, the musicians began to notice that the band becomes darker, which does not coincide with the vector of development ‘Fear of Flying’; so, just a few months ‘sabbatical’ members announced the breakup of the group and the basis of the new team with the same composition, but a completely new sound — a more mysterious, dark and rich in electronic elements.
The next few months, the musicians spent on writing new songs and practicing sound. Their first performance in ‘Hoxton Square’s Bar & Kitchen’ in February 2008 brought together the most famous music critics in the country who wish to see what has become of the young trio from London. Their expectations were met: the performance was much brighter than even the most optimistic projections and left no doubt that the English stage has a new favorite, which will now only grow and gain new popularity.
The first album ‘To Lose My Life…’ — debuted on the first positions of the British chart, thus opening the path to the international stage. By the time their first singles ‘Unfinished Business’ and ‘Death’, sold around the world in huge numbers and gained popularity. So, many critics noted the single ‘Death’ as the most vivid record of the year.
Two years after the success of the debut, the musicians presented their new Studio album — ‘Ritual’. Interestingly, this work, unlike the first record, was much worse received by critics and fans: the publication ‘The Telegraph’ rated the album 2 stars out of 5, and the journalists are a popular resource, ‘Pitchfork Media’ gave him a rating of 2.5 out of a possible 10. In General, the criticism has not affected the popularity of the group, but gave the musicians a signal that the work is moving not quite in the right direction. In 2013, the group presented the album ‘Big TV’, the success of which proved that the group was able to go back to the sound that had listeners like.
Today musicians touring the world with concerts, speaking as with its own program and with other groups and performers. While the musicians had no comment regarding the following work, which, according to nosy reporters, is already under production.

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