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Wentworth Miller: Biography
Wentworth Miller is an American actor and screenwriter who became famous for his role as Michael Scofield in the crime series “Escape”.

He was born on June 2, 1972 in the English town of Chipping Norton in the family of attorney Wentworth Miller Sr. and wife of Roxanne, who worked as a school teacher. Since both parents of the boy were Americans, Miller received dual citizenship. By the way, in the actor’s veins more than a dozen nations are bleeding – from African and Indian on the father to Russian, Syrian and French on the mother.

In the UK, the family did not stay long. Actually, there Wentworth’s father was studying at Oxford University. Soon all the Millers moved home to the United States and settled in the New York district of Park Slopes.

In his school years, the guy paid a lot of attention to combating racial inequality: as soon as classmates learned that there were African Americans in his family, they began to pursue and insult Wentworth.

For this reason, the parents advised their son from the very first days of studying at Princeton University not to hide the origin, but to hang pictures of their relatives on the walls in order to avoid further explanations. But the guy went on. Miller published a cartoon on racial discrimination. But since the author himself looked like white, the story received an unexpected twist: Miller won a bad reputation from the teaching staff.

This attitude was aggravated by the fact that the young man spent a lot of time at rehearsals and tours with the well-known a cappella group The Princeton Tigertones and missed many lectures. However, Wentworth was able to successfully defend a diploma on the classic novels “Jane Eyre” and “Antoinette” and became a bachelor in English literature.

But after graduation, the graduate decides to become an actor. Miller leaves for Los Angeles, gets a job at the development department of the production company Paramount and starts taking one casting after another by storm.

The creative biography of the artist was not easy. For four years, Wentworth Miller stumbled upon solid failures until he received a cameo role in one episode of the mysterious film Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Then there was participation in the melodrama “Time of your life” and the medical series “Ambulance”. And in 2002, the actor was offered to play the main role in the fantasy picture “Dinotopia”, and he changed into a sensitive young David Scott. This series won the Emmy Award, but, paradoxically, Wentworth Miller’s career had no effect.

But the next film “Stained reputation” could draw the attention of the public to an unusual actor. Miller previously had to prove to the director that he had mixed blood, and for this to bring a photo album with the image of relatives to the studio. The fact is that the protagonist of this drama, Coleman Silk, for many years in the story hides that he is of African American origin.

The main character in adulthood was played by Anthony Hopkins. Such a director’s choice outraged film critics who expressed doubt that the British Hopkins is suitable for the role of an African American. But these comments did not affect the success of the audience.

After “Stained Reputation” Wentworth appeared in the thriller “Another World”. In the film, it was about the world of vampires and werewolves, about the war between two ancient clans. The main characters played Kate Beckinsale, Michael Sheen. And Wentworth Miller got the image of Dr. Adam. Soon followed a cameo role in the adventure action movie “Stealth” and the main role in the short drama “Confession.”

In the family television series “New Jeanne d’Arc” about a young American woman Joan (Amber Tamblyn) who can communicate directly with God, Wentworth Miller became the hero of Ryan Hunter, a young millionaire. The Miller character is also able to talk to higher powers, but uses the information thus obtained for mercenary purposes.

In 2005, Wentworth became a superstar. The artist managed to make such a turn in his career thanks to the crime serial drama “Escape”, in which he appeared in the image of Michael Scofield rescuing his older brother Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell) from execution for an imperfect crime. This role brought Miller a nomination for the Golden Globe.

Later, the actor played together with Milla Jovovich in the horror film “Resident Evil in 3D: Life after Death” and with Karl Urban in the Loft thriller. It should also be noted that under the pseudonym Ted Folk Miller writes scripts for films. According to his idea, the psychological thriller “Vicious Games” was filmed, for example, where the management invited stars such as Mia Vasikovsk and Nicole Kidman.

In 2014, the actor accepted an offer from the creators of the superhero TV series “Flash”, where he received the role of Captain Cold, the leader of the team of villains, who opposes the main character Flash (Grant Gustin). The first season of the series, broadcast on The CW, won the attention of viewers and received high ratings of views, after which the film was extended for another three seasons.

In 2016, Wentworth’s filmography was replenished with work in the sequel to the superhero TV series “Flash” – “Legends of Tomorrow”, where the actor also reincarnated as Captain Cold. The film also starred Miller’s colleague on the TV series “Escape” Dominic Purcell.

Personal life
For years, Wentworth Miller’s private life was shrouded in mystery. The actor has repeatedly said that soon he is going to build a strong family and get a family. And only in August 2013, Miller decided to declare that he was gay, but he was hiding unconventional sexual orientation because of fear that it would affect the career by no means to the best.

Cunning-out Wentworth made before he refused to participate in the St. Petersburg International Film Festival. An American artist thus protested against discrimination of the gay community in Russia and the adoption of a law banning the promotion of homosexuality among minors.

According to Miller, in his youth, he even attempted to commit suicide because of the need to constantly dodge and lie. The actor still does not name the partners’ names, but according to information from social networks, Wentworth at various times met with Canadian actor Luke MacFarlane, American colleague Christoffer Kusik and photographer Mark Liddell.

Wentworth miller now
The main project of the last two years in the creative career for Wentworth Miller was once again the series “Escape”. In 2017, a continuation of the criminal action movie “Escape: Continuation” started on Fox. The producers decided not to change the main cast. In the fifth season, Miller’s hero, Michael Scofield, who survived the explosion, becomes a prisoner in Yemen prison. Michael and his beloved brother rush to the rescue. Despite the popularity of the previous seasons, the public took the new series coolly, and the series’s ratings dropped.

But in 2018 on Instagram, Dominic Purcell reported that the TV channel does not intend to say goodbye to the TV series “Escape” and is preparing a script for the sixth season. It is expected that the main roles will go back to Wentworth Miller, Dominique Purcell, Sarah Wayne Callis. Now representatives of the television are working to create a convenient work schedule for all the invited actors.

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