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Welsh terrier – dog breed that is an excellent catcher rats, foxes, ferrets and other animals that live in burrows. Today, these dogs give birth not only as a hunter, but as a companion and a pet. Homeland is a breed Wales, so sometimes there is the name of the Welsh Terrier. Due to its roots of hunting, these dogs differ courage and endurance. Among the distinctive features typical of the breed, it may be noted curiosity and devotion to his master.
History of breed
The history of the breed is quite long. These dogs have long been known in England. There is a version that welsh terriers are descended from Old English black and tan terrier, which currently do not meet.
Pure breeding dates back to the 19th century. However, the official breed standard was approved in 1885. In Russia, welsh terriers do not get a strong distribution. But in many other countries, including England and the birthplace of the dog, the view is quite popular. It is believed that members of this breed are used by the Germans to remove yagdtererov.
Dog VelshtererVelshterer each has a strong physique and growth, reaching up to 39.5 cm. Weight of the dog does not exceed 9.5 kg. Externally presented breed Airedales similar to that found in Russia more often, however, they are more petite. Dog Coat of medium length, hard to the touch. Color velshtererov bicolor. This is usually black and red colors. In some cases, allowed the gray areas of the coat.
On the face of long bristly wool formed a kind of “beard” and “mustache”. Highly placed hanging ears triangular shape. The tail is docked to the third part. Paws small. Originally the breed was used as a hunting, so the main emphasis is on strength and endurance. This dog is compact, but has a strong athletic body.
The muzzle is elongated. It has a powerful jaw, because of what the dog has enough manly appearance. Dewclaws on the feet are removed. Lifespan velshtererov reaches 10-14 years, due to which they are known as long-lived compared with the many other breeds.
Character and Temperament
Welsh terrier – is energetic and curious dog. Compared with larger types Terriers, they are much quieter. At the same time, some representatives of the breed can be aggressive to their relatives. Other individuals are more peaceful. For the development of the character traits needed early socialization puppy. Welsh terrier can get along well with other pets, but still with cats hunter instinct may be felt. While all that is necessary to a dog of this breed – chase for small animals, and it is unlikely to result in harm.
Welsh terrier – very active dogs. In winter, they happy to lie in the snow, in the summer will be a splash in the local pond. The representatives of the breed are unpretentious, they are easy to adapt to life in a country house, and to living in an apartment. Thanks to its compact size, the dog could well afford to make residents of the metropolis. Energetic and playful velshtererov really like children. Sami dog too sympathetic to kids.
It is desirable that representatives of the breed were always busy. Welsh terrier loves long walks, jogging active. Dogs of this breed calmer and more balanced bitches. Most of all, dogs need to focus. Abandoned for a long time without supervision, they may fall into a depression. Other animals rarely show aggression welsh terriers. However, a serious threat, they can join the fray. In combat, these little dogs are quite strong contenders.
Parenting can be difficult velshtererov such features dog character as stubbornness and perseverance. However, patience and tact owner will achieve the desired results. Since this breed belongs to the dominant type, then listen to it will, first and foremost, a human leader. Among training methods should be noted positive reinforcement.
Not recommended for use with this dog physical strength. It can embitter welsh terrier, make it absolutely rebellious. With the right approach to a representative of the breed, you can very quickly reach the desired results in training. Almost instantly grasp these dogs “Sic” command.
Care and Health
Among the diseases that are most common in the breed, it should be noted:
Weak spot velshtererov – eyes. Therefore, a careful care of them. The corners of the eyes are periodically required to clean from accumulating in the dust and hairs. Doing this requires carefully using a cotton swab. Do not forget about the pet’s teeth. They can be cleaned with a normal baking soda and a special paste for dogs. When poor care, plaque is formed, which eventually hardens and turns into tartar on the teeth.
The average length of a dog’s life is 14 years. In general, individuals of this breed have good health. If cared for properly, and look, they are a long time will please their owners. However, when buying a puppy should still ask about the health of his parents, as there are hereditary diseases.
Special attention is required velshtererov wool. Even with two months of age puppies should be accustomed to regular trimming. If you plan to participate in dog shows, this procedure is carried out at least 1 time per month. Hunting dogs and a pets must undergo trimming at least once in six months.
Welsh wool rough and easily contaminated. At the same time, not too often you need to bathe your dog. Water procedures with mandatory combing wool should be 1-2 times a week. But a representative of the breed with proper care almost does not fade. Periodically, the dog is required to trim the claws.
Since welsh terrier – a very active dog, it needs long walks and regular exercise. It is not recommended to put a representative of the breed on a chain for a long time. In addition, do not let your puppy for a walk unattended, as it can run at a small beast and lost. Also on this mischievous dog will expect a lot of dangers.
It should be noted that each individual dog. The above are the main features and characteristics peculiar to this breed. However, surely to say what will grow welsh terrier, impossible. The formation of character is strongly influenced by the conditions in which the dog grows. Surrounded by care and attention, welsh terrier quickly socialized and reciprocate to their owners. Aggressiveness and suspicion of this breed is not very characteristic, so it is well suited for families who like to receive guests and prefer an active lifestyle.

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