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Hollywood film actor, director.
Born March 30, 1937 in Richmond, Virginia, USA.
The younger brother of actress Shirley MacLaine.
Acting craft studied in the famous school of Stella Adler. He played in the theater and on TV (the popular TV series “A lot of novels Dobie Gilisa”, 1959).
He made his debut feature film from Elia Kazan film “Splendor in the Grass” (1961). Kazan, which has opened a lot of movie stars and saw in him not only a hunk of the television series, but first and foremost an actor, has a remarkable dramatic talent. However, to reveal this talent really, Beatty had to wait another six years. In 1967, screens out one of the landmark films in Hollywood history, “Bonnie and Clyde,” Arthur Penn, where Beatty played the role of Clyde Barrow, bank robber, with his girlfriend, Bonnie Parker (played by Faye Dunaway) terrified the inhabitants of the southern states in 1930 ‘s,. His Clyde – not a bandit. He – a rebel, romantic, refusing to accept the laws of bourgeois society, to join with him in the fight, and eventually became his victim. The role of Clyde (nominated for “Oscar”) makes Beatty one of the hottest young actors in Hollywood.
Later Beatty preferred entertaining films serious dramatic work. In 1971, it creates a very unpleasant portrait of the owner of a brothel in the Wild West in the anti-western, Robert Altman’s “McCabe and Mrs. Miller.” In 1974 he staged plays in the hip while the genre of “paranoid thriller” Alan Dzh.Pakuly film “It Parallax”. Very popular among the audience enjoys witty satirical comedy Hal Ashby’s “Shampoo” (1975, script Beatty and author of “Chinatown” Robert Town), in which he played the barber-Lovelace (about the actor nearly all his stellar career was rumored as the most unrestrained Hollywood ladies pleaser).
In 1978 he made his debut in directing, putting a fantastic comedy “Heaven Can Wait”, a remake of the film “Here and Mr. Jordan” (1941). Beatty also played a major role – the player who, after hitting a ridiculous death to heaven, know that so early it was not expected, and his soul is returned back in the form of a millionaire. The film became one of the leading film distribution year and brought Beattie nomination for the film (as a producer), director, adapted screenplay (with Ellen Mae) and the male lead.
Three years later, he took a totally unexpected film “Red”, an epic tale about the life of American journalist John Reed, author of the book about the October Revolution in Russia, “Ten Days That Shook the World,” died of typhus in a Moscow hospital at the age of 33 years. Beattie wrote the screenplay and put smart, detailed, carefully done, well played, though rather cold and aloof esthetic film. John Reed Beatty – a dreamer and romantic, the enemy humdrum boredom, full of desire to take part in changing the world for the better. This desire makes him to go to Russia and become far witnessed tremendous changes, to meet with their organizer, Lenin. In the motion picture occupied a strong ensemble cast – played by Reed to Beatty Diane Keaton as his mistress and associate Louise Bryant and Jack Nicholson in the role of playwright Eugene O’Neill. The film was nominated for “Oscar” in 12 nominations, statuettes and prize received Maureen Stapleton for supporting actress, cameraman Vittorio Storaro and director.
After the success of “Red” Beatty did not appear on the screen for six years. And in 1987, he was shot along with his friend Dustin Hoffman in one of the most flops movies 1980 “Ishtar” (directed by Elaine May). Comedy about two musicians-losers who find themselves in the midst of a coup in some eastern country, failed at the box office and received anti-prize “Golden Raspberry” as the worst reel of film of the year. A shot in 1990. “Dick Tracy” – a very interesting parody-pastiche of gangster movies, delivered based on the popular comic strip. The success – interesting semantic and visual solutions of the film. Trying to make motion picture grotesque, like a hand-drawn look, Beattie has covered all the negative characters layers of makeup, creating an amazing, spectacular masks. And secondly, with the support of production designer Richard Silbert, operator Vittorio Storaro and composer Danny Elfman, director brilliantly recreated on the screen bright world of comics. He deliberately turned his heroes also like to draw cartoons: Al Pacino in the role of conniving mafia, Dustin Hoffman in the role of an informer, Madonna as a canary in a nightclub. “Dick Tracy” went well at the box office and received three “Oscars” – for a song, the work of the artist-director and make-up.
The following year, played one of his best roles in serious gangster film Barry Levinson’s “Bugsy”, the biography of the legendary gangster Benjamin Siegel, known not only for its criminal activities, and the fact that he has turned Las Vegas into “entertainment capital”. Despite the enthusiasm of criticism and ten nominations for “Oscar” (including two wins – for the work of the art director and costume) at the box office the film much success had not the fault of what his excessive coldness and nesfokusirovannost. Indeed, although the overall skills of the crew and the game Beatty command respect, to understand what the film and who was the main character (and even that he was killed), it is quite difficult.
On the set of Beatty he met his future wife, actress Annette Bening. In 1994, he starred with Bening in the melodrama “Love Story.” This story was tragic love filmed before – in 1939 and 1957 (with Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr in the leading roles). In the interpretation of Beatty, she looked quite complete anachronism. Approval of criticism, but complete apathy of the audience waiting for the black comedy “Bulvorte” which Beatty played the politics involved in a huge scandal.
In life, he – one of the representatives of a great interest in politics in Hollywood in the late 1990s even seriously think about his candidacy for the US presidency.
Exit comedy “Town and Country” (2001) was delayed more than a year. But, coming on the screens, the film flopped.
In 2002, he turned down the role of Bill in the movie of Quentin Tarantino’s “Kill Bill”, as found it too bloody scenario.

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