Volkswagen Golf Country Backgrounds

Volkswagen Golf Country

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“Golf Country” is a five-door body, “worn” on a specially made frame for it (all the cars, “Volkswagen”, as well as almost all passenger cars are carrying a frameless body). This ground clearance unreported to about 210 mm (normal “Golf” – the order of 150). Applied as wheels and large tires – 195/65 R15. Accordingly, the passages the suspension increased.
The front body is decorated with “kenguryatnik” of the powerful steel pipes. Protective grille with headlights recline – for easy lamp replacement. On the trunk lid on the frame of the pipes is conveniently laid out full-size spare wheel – in case of a puncture will not have to unload the trunk to retrieve the “chute”. The bottom body is protected from serious injury: metal sheet reliably covers suspension, crankcase and gearbox. The owner said that because of this “armor” under the hood always clean – no dirt gets into the engine compartment. Rear gearbox and suspension arms are protected by steel pipes. In general, to cause damage by the bottom of the machine, it is necessary to try very much. Even factory anticorrosive mastic bottom is intact – thanks to significant ground clearance stones flying from under the wheels do not reach the body.
As has been said, is driven on all wheels. Under normal circumstances, they are the leading front, but if they start to spin – the rear axle comes in using the viscous coupling. On the rear wheels may come to 60% of torque. Advantages of such a scheme – less tire wear, lower fuel consumption. The basic rule in operation – in any case not to put the wheels of different dimensions on the same axis. Otherwise, the gearbox gears will make a different number of turns and quickly go out of order. Actually, so hanging on the trunk lid of a full spare wheel.
Engine Unicum is a 1.8-liter 115-hp. Performance is not a record, but the owner for normal driving is enough. Consumption of gasoline, however, at 2 liters higher than that of mass “golfiki” with the same engine: in 11-12 liters per 100 km on the road 8-9. His role is played here and 300 kg increase in weight “jeep” – as much as 1250 kg.

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