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British and Hollywood actress.
Real name: Vivian Mary Hartley.
Born on November 5, 1913 in Darjeeling (India).
The daughter of an English official, she was educated at several private pensions across Europe, and then in 1932 he entered the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. The debut in the film – in 1934, on the stage – 1935 year.
Immediately after school Vivian married lawyer Lee Holman, who was older than her 14 years. A year later they had a daughter, but Vivian did not leave dreams of screen and stage. My husband was against these plans, and still managed to play Vivian tiny roles in commercials, scenes in a movie at the theater. The first success came to her when Vivien Leigh (such became her artistic pseudonym) has played in the play “The Mask of Virtue”. In London theatrical circles aspiring actress took seriously.
The turning point in the life of Lee became acquainted with the actor Laurence Olivier. Young people fall in love each other. Only six years later, they will be able to obtain a divorce from their half and marry (1940). By that time, Vivian was already world famous. The epic “Gone With the Wind” won the hearts of millions. Vivien 26 years gets his first “Oscar”.
After “Gone With the Wind” appear “Waterloo Bridge” and “Lady Hamilton” where she starred alongside Olivier.
Vivien has not been able to give birth to the child married to Olivier. In 1944, during the filming of “Caesar and Cleopatra”, after the second failure of pregnancy she began a deep depression, which grew into hysteria.
In 1945, at the Vivien Leigh it was detected pulmonary tuberculosis. The disease had affected the psyche of the actress began a fit of madness. She was treated and tuberculosis, and from a mental disorder, it came to electric shock treatments, but only became worse. In rare gaps Vivienne time to act in film and on stage.
After returning from America to Britain after the Second World War, the actress began to play a lot of theater, shone on the stage in plays of classical repertoire. In the early 1950s Laurence Olivier once again went to Hollywood to shoot the movie “Sister Carrie” (based on the novel by Theodore Dreiser). Vivien Leigh went after him, and starred as Blanche DuBois in “A Streetcar Named” Desire “by Tennessee Williams play. This role brought the actress a second” Oscar “.
Relations with Olivier, darkened by the absence of common children and progressive disease Vivien Leigh, slowly spoiled.
He began an affair with another woman – actress Joan Plowright. On the day of the 45th anniversary of Olivier Vivien gave her a luxurious Rolls Royce and announced that he wanted a divorce. This was for Vivien Leigh heavy blow. And even when he left her, in her heart she always hoped for his return.
The actress went on to play in the performances, starred in two more films, received a “Tony” for Broadway role in the musical “Comrade”.
She was trying to prove to everyone – and to myself, that is still young, beautiful, full of energy. “I’m going to play up to 90 years” – she said. But the force was changed. After the performances on Broadway, where the actress acted in the musical comedy, often had to call the doctor. On the tour it was brought to London on a stretcher.
It was the picture of Stanley Kramer’s “Ship of fools” her last film.
In May 1967, Lee started the new episodes of TB. July 7 of that year, in London, at the time of the next attack, the actress died.
July 8, 1967 in all theaters of London for a moment the lights go out ramps. Actors and spectators observed a mourning silence in memory of the deceased Vivien Leigh. Under the will of the actress, her body was cremated and the ashes scattered over the lake near the small village in which she lived in the county of East Sussex.

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