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Vincent Peter Jones, or Winnie Jones, his bright and successful career as an actor is entirely committed to a career in sports. Professional footballer, later became an actor, was named Person of the Year (1998) and recognized as the best British actor in 2001. The most notable role – in 2006 the role of Juggernaut in the third part of the fantastic action movie “X-Men” – “X-Men: The Last Battle”.
Born January 15, 1965 in Watford (Hertfordshire, England). I started playing football at school. His partners in the game were usually high school students, as Jones possessed a brilliant technique of playing the game, rare for peers. When he was 13 years old, the famous coach Dave Bassett, who later headed Wimbledon, saw in the teen the future star. At 21, Vinnie Jones began his professional career, speaking for the club “Wimbledon.” For several years he played for other clubs, such as Leeds United, Sheffield United and Chelsea, until in 1994 he returned to Wimbledon. Having reached the age of 33, the turning point for a football player, Jones decided to leave the big sport. During his career, he held 384 official matches and scored 33 goals. Among his sporting achievements is the “Cup Winner” (1988), Winner of the 2nd Division of the English Championship (1990). “Winning is not so important,” said Jones, “as long as you win.” Indeed, by this time he was already a real sports star. In parallel, he led a weekly column in the newspaper “Sun” and was a welcome guest on radio and television.
Vinnie Jones was known for his image of “tough guy”. In addition, he was always distinguished by his love for hooligan antics. The party about his 21st birthday ended in a grand fight. His 12 times for his career removed from the field. There are several episodes with his participation, when he inflicted such physical damage on his rivals, that they were forced to leave the footballer’s career ahead of schedule. For the fact that Jones periodically resorted to “dirty” tricks, his game was criticized by critics. And even fined a decent amount for discrediting football in the video “Hard soccer guys”, where he gave advice on rough game. Footballer explained this as follows: “The Football Association should thank me: I suffered violence from the stands on the football field.”
Strong in body and spirit, always walking ahead of the target, Jones enjoyed great popularity in the league and was the idol of the fans of “Wimbledon”. With his gloomy humor, he said: “I realized long ago that it’s possible to become famous without doing anything good.”
Immediately after leaving the big sport, in 1999, Winnie Jones – tall, physically developed, ideally suited for the role of a tough guy – first starred in the crime comedy Guy Ritchie “Cards, money, two barrels.” Jones later told us that the night before the filming began, when he needed to learn his role, he fought a great fight with a neighbor, and then ended up in jail. And right from there he arrived in the morning on his first day of shooting. The following year, he again starred in Guy Ritchie in the movie “Big Jackpot”. Critics noted his “peculiar charm”, and Dustin Hoffman even dubbed him “the future Bruce Willis.” After such a successful start, Willie Jones was open to acting. Sentences fell like a horn of plenty. The image of the “cool guy” became the calling card of the actor-like characters he played in the films “Gone in 60 Seconds” (2000), “The Password” Sword Fish “(2001), Eurotour (2004), Night at Golden Eagle “(2001) and others. At the same time, his partners were such famous actors as Nicolas Cage, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Jason Statham, John Travolta, Hugh Jackman and Halle Berry.
Twice in his career, the actor was lucky to play a professional football player: “Bonebreaker” (2001) and “She is a man”. After the premiere of the third part of the fantastic action movie “X-Men” – “X-Men: The Last Battle” Jones ascended to the heights of glory and signed a contract for three films at once.
Currently, Winnie is in high demand, primarily in Hollywood, and starred in such films as “The Body of the Mire” and “Midnight Express.”
Willie Jones is married, he has a son from his first marriage with Milena Elliston. In the second marriage with Tanya Lamont, he adopted and educated her daughter Kylie. About the wife, who had undergone heart transplant operation 20 years ago, the actor today says: “Tanya gives me strength – she is sure that she was saved so that she could save me.”

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