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Vincent Cassel – French actor, known for the films “Black Swan”, “Eastern Promises,” “Enemy of the State the N1”, “Crimson Rivers”, “Derailed”. Husband Italian actress Monica Bellucci.
Born November 23, 1966 in Paris in a family of well-known theater and film actor Jean-Pierre Cassel. The father is often lost on the set, so from childhood, the boy did not like the cinema. He grew up in a good area and went to an elite school, but was far from the image of a well-bred Parisian representative of the cream of society: he preferred the independence and freedom. “Yes, I’m not the guy from the street, but I grew up on hip-hop, and I even have a brother is doing,” – says Vincent. At 17, he, to the surprise of the whole family decided to go to America to become a clown. “I went to the circus school. But, thank God, I was smart enough to throw it, “- he admits. Returning to favorite Paris, Kassel, more inclined to the actor’s profession: auditioned for roles in the theater and cinema. In particular, he began to play on the stage of the theater Jean-Louis Barrault. Thank famous parents did not bite his pride. “I was never worried about the idea that I am the son of the great actor. On the contrary, it helps a lot … I’ve always had someone with whom you could argue, “- he says.
The first significant film role, Vincent was 25 years old – in the French drama “The Keys to Paradise” (1991). The following works were tape “Hot Chocolate” (1992), “Metiska” (1993). During the filming of the latter that he met with the director and actor Mathieu Kassovitz. Impressed with Cassel, who invited him to play a major role in the Parisian ghetto boy in his drama “Hate” (1995). “I said,” Look, I’m not a boy from the outskirts, I do not live on the streets, did not keep a gun under the mattress, no one beat, did not steal in supermarkets, and I was not brought to the police. ” A Kassovitz said: “Do not ssy”, “- recalls the actor. The tape was the success of the festival and has won awards at the Cannes Film Festival, and the Vincent was nominated for the “Cesar”. He has already surpassed his father’s fame. A year later, Cassel appeared in the drama “The Apprentice” (1996) and the melodrama “Apartment” (1996), together with the most beautiful woman in Italy, Monica Bellucci, his future wife. “I fell in love with her at first sight. And then we took off together in a whole heap of movies. But this is not some publicity stunt. Just once Serge Gainsbourg said that the movie – too sensitive business, to leave it unattended his wife “- he says. Luc Besson invited him to the role of the Baron Gilles de Rais in the drama “Joan of Arc” (1999), he went on to star in Kassovitz ( “Crimson Rivers”, 2000). In most of his works Cassel played as a duet with Bellucci: in the films “The Doberman” (1997), “What do you want me to do” (1997), “Defiant” (1999), “Brotherhood of the Wolf” (2000). His “best film with Monica,” the actor says scandalous tape “Irreversible” (2002), which begins with a ten-minute episode of the rape of the heroine Monica (not to see this scene, he went from the set). “If not for Monica, I’d fucked this film directed by Gaspar Noe … came up to me at the club at five in the morning and asked if I could do with Monica real sex on camera … I sent it”, – says the actor. “And then Monica convinced me.”
Superstar France, Cassel often appear in Hollywood projects. Americans generally call him on the role of scum. This is the way it appears in the film Soderbergh’s “Ocean’s Dvennadtsat” and its sequels, in the Oscar-winning drama Aronofsky “Black Swan”, Cronenberg’s thriller “Eastern Promises exoprt” and other high-profile strips.

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