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Victoria Ruffo, full name – Maria Victoria Eugenia Guadalupe Martinez del Rio Moreno Ruffo (Spanish María Victoria Eugenia Guadalupe Martínez del Río Moreno Ruffo). Born on May 31, 1962 in Mexico City. Mexican actress and TV presenter.
Victoria Ruffo was born on May 31, 1962 in the Mexican capital, Mexico City.
Father – Ramon Martinez del Rio.
Mother – Guadalupe Moreno Erera, real estate agent.
She has two sisters – Marcela, she is a producer, and Gabriela, she works in television.
As Victoria said, “I had a wonderful childhood,” while stipulating: “The only dramatic story is the divorce of parents. But I understand that at that time in life it was the right decision.”
Her parents divorced when the girl was 14 years old.
In school, she studied dance and music. She also played in school theater productions.
In high school, along with the sisters began to attend film tests. Starred as a model for advertising.
After graduation, she entered the prestigious Andres Soler Mexican Academy, where she studied acting.
Since 1979, he has been acting in films, making his debut in “Disco is Love”. In 1980, noted in the film “Conflicts of the doctor.”
She played her first major role in 1983 in the TV series “Predator” (Natalia Ramines). Then there were the main roles in the films “Juan Iris” (Juan Iris) and “Victoria” (Victoria Martinez).
In 1989, she received a major role in the TV series “Just Maria”, which will make her famous not only in her homeland, but also in the CIS.
In the story, a young girl Maria Lopez leaves her home and goes to Mexico City to find a good job that will allow her to become independent and help her family. She becomes a servant in a house whose inhabitants are rich and successful people. Soon, on a walk, she meets Juan Carlos and falls in love with him. This is where her problems and joys begin.

Victoria’s popularity after the TV series “Just Maria” was huge. In her honor, children were called, in Belarus a new variety of apples was called “Just Maria”.
Also, the actress starred in the commercials of the company “MMM”.
In 1993 she took part in the filming of the series “Caprice”. This was followed by work in “Poor rich girl”, “I live for Helen” and “Hug me tight”, where Cesar Evora became a partner of Victoria on the set. These tapes enjoyed extraordinary popularity in Latin America.
In 2005, Victoria Ruffo played the main role of Maria Fernandez Akugni in a melodramatic series with elements of the detective “Stepmother”, where Cesar Evora again acted as the partner of the actress. Also in the film with her actress of Ukrainian origin, Anna Laevskaya. The series has gained popularity outside Latin America, and in 2007 it was voiced in Russian by the Domashniy TV channel.
In 2007-2008, the series “Victoria” appeared on the screens – a Mexican remake of the Colombian telenovela “Señora Isabel”. The tape was also very popular in Mexico and Latin America.
The next notable works were the series “The Triumph of Love” and “The Crown of Tears”.
In 2014, there was a series with her participation “Unloved”. In 2016, she played in the film “Amazon”.
The actress successfully combines work in the theater and play in the series. Victoria is one of the highest paid actresses of Televisa and Telemundo.

Victoria Ruffo’s height: 164 centimeters.
Personal life of Victoria Ruffo:
Twice was married. She has three children.
The first husband is Eugenio Derbez, the son of the famous Mexican actress Sylvia Derbez. They met on the set of the series “Just Maria”, where Victoria played the main role, and Eugenio visited her mother, who played the role of Dona Mati.
In 1992, they were married. In April 1992, their son José Eduardo was born.
The marriage lasted until 1997, when the couple filed a divorce.

Second husband – Omar Fayyad, Mexican politician. We got married in 2001.
In August 2004, the couple were born twin Victoria and Anuar. The birth of children made Victoria leave her acting career for a while.
About her husband said: “He is smart, caring, loves me and children. Sometimes it seems to me that I won in some kind of lottery. But, of course, there are days when I want to kill him. Omar works a lot – a real workaholic, he is an incredible father. And he was always a wonderful dad for José Eduardo. Although, you know, he is not his father and not his stepfather, he is a friend to him, a true friend.
At the same time, in the Mexican media they wrote that family life with Victoria is only a cover for Fayad’s unconventional sexual orientation. Ruffo herself denied this.

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