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Birthday: 19.02.1993 year
Age: 23 year
Birthplace: Hollywood, Florida, USA
Citizenship: United States

From early childhood parents noticed acting skills from his daughter, who has a 10-year-old got her first role in the teen series ‘Gilmore Girls’ (Gilmore Girls).

Victoria Justice (Victoria Justice, the full name – Victoria Dawn Justice) was born in 1993 in the city of Hollywood, Florida (Hollywood, Florida), a family of Zack and Serena Justice (Zack and Serene Justice). It is known that Victoria’s mother – a Puerto Rican and her father has German and Irish roots. From early childhood parents noticed acting skills from his daughter, who has a 10-year-old got her first role in the teen series ‘Gilmore Girls’ (Gilmore Girls). Hoping that her daughter’s acting career begins to gain momentum quickly, the family moved to Los Angeles, California (Los Angeles, California).
And they are not wrong: a few months later, after listening to the studio ‘the Disney’ Victoria was invited to sign a contract under which she received a role in the popular television series ‘The Suite Life of Zack & Cody’, which was ‘home’ venue for many popular actors and musicians, including Dylan and Cole Sprouse Cole and Dylan (Dylan & Cole Sprouse) and nonsense Song (Brenda Song).
In the series, she won the role of Rebecca (Rebecca) – the girlfriend of one of the main characters.
However, it was not a single sentence: only a few months of Victoria took part in the filming of the thriller ‘Mary’ (Mary), which played the role of Stella (Stella) – a young girl who suddenly begins to remember the vision of Maria Magdalena (Mary Magdalene). The tape was first shown at the Venice Film Festival (Venice Film Festival) in 2005, the year, and then visited other similar festivals in Toronto (Toronto Film Festival), Deauville (Deauville Film Festival) and San Sebastian (San Sebastián International Film Festival ).
Now offers rained down on the actress, one after another: for example, it was suggested by one of the key roles in the TV series ‘Zoey 101’, which is considered one of the most successful works of Nickelodeon Studios. ‘When I heard that got the role, I was incredibly happy, I was jumping around the house and screamed with joy’ – the young actress confessed in an interview.
In addition, Justice appeared in minor roles in the film ‘When Do We Eat?’, As well as in the film ‘Silver Bells’ (Silver Bells), directed by well-known writer and producer Dick Lowry (Dick Lowry).
During the filming of the show ‘Zoey 101’ Justice starred in an episode of ‘Enjoy the Ride’ series ‘Everwood’.
The first major role was in the film Victoria ‘5 unknowns’ (Unknown), which, although it failed financially, has received good reviews from critics, who are particularly isolated game Victoria from all the actors of the troupe.
2007 and 2008 the actress was with the head immersed in the shooting of the third and fourth seasons of the show ‘Zoey 101’.
Around the same time, the actress’s debut single was released in America, called ‘A Thousand Miles’. In fact, it was merely a cover of a song by Vanessa Carlton (Vanessa Carlton), which was not included in any hits and almost not advertised on television. In an interview she said: “My family always said that music – something that was given to me at birth. All my life I did everything for this: attended music lessons, lessons of jazz, hip-hop, dramatics. But then one day I thought, Oh, cool. Now I can do, and this, and perhaps even succeed. ”
The most successful year for Victoria was the year 2009: the role in the new series ‘The Naked Brothers Band’, a role in ‘Valentine Dream Date’, and the main role in the TV musical of Nickelodeon, which was called ‘Spectacular!’. During the show, she performed three songs. Soon it became known that the actress will appear in several episodes of the popular television series ‘iCarly’, each of which is assembled audience of 3 million people.
At the beginning of 2010, the Justice said that her producer never knew what she knows and loves to sing, and when he saw, I thought it would be nice to create a small musical show. So the idea of ‘Victorious’ was born. To intrigue the audience, advertise the show began a few months before the official release. Glowing atmosphere of anticipation have helped some videos allegedly stole from the computer and on the network. In other words, all the young people of the country were expecting something from a show sverhneobychnogo great name ‘Victorious’. However, nothing unusual, they did not see at first glance: the standard scenario, which is, however, supplemented by musical interludes. Oddly enough, the show had to please both audiences and television critics, who noted how Victoria has grown professionally.
In the wake of the success of the actress recorded a single ‘Make It Shine’, which immediately made it to the 16th line in the hit parade ‘Bubbling Under Hot 100’ and the 78th position in the main charts ‘Billboard Hot 100’.
In 2010, the year of the protein Stacy (Stacy) in the popular cartoon ‘Penguins of Madagascar’ (The Penguins of Madagascar) spoke the voice of Victoria. She also starred in ‘The Boy Who Cried Werewolf’ movie, which to everyone’s surprise quickly became successful and received good reviews from critics.
The year 2011 began for the actress is also quite successful: a few runs in the ‘iCarly’, as well as joint episode of ‘Victorious’, called ‘iParty with Victorious’.
More recently, it became known that the Justice is working on recording a new album, but recording process permanently suspended due to permanent employment actress. In March it was announced that Victoria got a role in the comedy ‘Fun Size’, which will be released at the end of 2011.

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