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Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s day is celebrated in different parts of the world. On this day favorite give nice gifts, flowers and Valentine cards. As this holiday is usually celebrated in different countries of the world, read on.
In Australia a popular gift Australian men your lover was considered stuffed birds of Paradise. Over time, these tokens out of fashion. Now, as in many other countries, Australians prefer to give their favorite cards and flowers.
In Germany Saint Valentine is the patron Saint of lovers is not, and the nervously and mentally ill. In honor of the Germans decorate a psychiatric hospital with scarlet ribbons, and in the chapels hold a special worship service.
In Denmark, 14 February the Danes give each other dried white flowers and Valentine cards without a signature.
Spain 14 Feb men present loved flowers. Actually all lovers Day takes place on may 1. His unchanging character to be a Maypole and Queen, chosen from among the most beautiful girls.
Loving the British congratulate not only people but also Pets. Popular gifts on February 14 in England are considered to be sweets in the form of hearts, soft toys, particularly popular in Britain, bears Teddy, and unchanging Valentine’s day cards. Animals give something proportionate to their interests.
In Holland the 14 of February is not considered shameful if a woman approach the man and politely asked him to marry her. If this gesture will not be appreciated, a man must give the lady a dress, preferably silk. Dangerous tradition!
In Iceland, on 14 February, dedicated to Odin’s son Vali. However, this holiday, as elsewhere in the world, is related to romance and love.
Traditionally, girls in this day the boys hang on the neck of the embers, and they answered trying to hang on neck girls pebbles. The meaning of this ritual easier to understand when you consider that for lighting the fire in the day of the Vali definitely need a spark with a blow of stone on stone.
In Italy one of the legends originates Valentines Day. Major gifts are all sorts of candy, cookies and chocolates in the shape of a heart. Also popular roses, perfume and diamonds. Another very common gift – “Baci Perugina” – a little nuts, hazelnuts, covered with chocolate. Each candy is a note with a statement about love in four languages of the world.
In Poland on February 14 it is customary to visit the Poznan metropolis, where, according to legend, the relics of St. Valentine, and over the main altar is his miraculous icon. The poles believe that the pilgrimage to her help in love Affairs.
In USA I congratulate not only those with whom you are romantically involved, but everyone will just love it – mom, dad, grandparents, and friends. The main gift, of course, is something sweet.
In France, except cards with hearts give linen, chocolate mousse, chocolates, a romantic trip, “lucky” lottery tickets, cut the sausage hearts, pink yogurt, artificial flowers, with a French accent boomy something like “I will love you forever.”
In South Africa, parties and celebrations dedicated to the celebration can last sometimes a week, and this is one of the characteristics of the culture of the country.
In Canada there is an unusual tradition: on 14 February, young Canadians can confess your love and make an offer hands and hearts any they man. Failure on the part of the elect, according to the local law, threatens it with imprisonment or fine. Sanctions are not applied only to those men who have already found the lady of his heart.

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