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Val Kilmer

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Val Kilmer- American actor. The greatest popularity has gained thanks to his roles in the films “Fight”, “The Doors”, “The Ghost and the Darkness,” “Top Secret!” And “Top Gun.”
Born December 31, 1959 in Los Angeles. His father worked in the real estate and construction, and his mother was a housewife, but they divorced when Velu was nine years old. Subsequently, he often lived with his mother in Santa Fe, and at times on the ranch of his father. Also Val had two older brothers. Already at an early age, he began to take part in the theater, studied drama in high school and then learned it in the Hollywood Professional School. At the age of seventeen years, Kilmer became the youngest student at the Juilliard School of Drama department in New York. A serious blow to Val at the time was the death of his older brother from an epileptic seizure in the pool.
During the period of study at Juilliard Val lot of enthusiasm and played classical productions.
Since 1981, the year he began his active theatrical activities, and in 1983, he had already participated in Broadway, where he played on the same stage with Kevin Bacon and Sean Penn. A year later in 1984, Kilmer made his debut in the film, playing in the parody comedy “Top Secret!”. This Velu immediately went to one of the main roles that brought him new popularity. In addition, the actor independently performed all the vocals of his character, which is a rock singer and later even released an album under the name of the latter. After such an impressive debut Kilmer was offered the lead role in the melodrama “Dirty Dancing”, but he refused to participate in the project, which had a huge success, and subsequently brought glory to Patrick Swayze. In 1985, Val played a role in the film “Real Genius”, and the following year starred in the movie “Top Gun” with Tom Cruise in the lead role, the film was a resounding success and popularity added both novice actors. Another notable role was to take part in a fantastic tape of George Lucas’ “Willow”, in addition to the shooting of this film Val met his future wife, Joanne Whalley, singer female lead role. Together they played in the detective thriller “Kill Me Again”.
In the early nineties Kilmer waiting for a new rise in his career, after Oliver Stone invited him to play the role of legendary musician Jim Morrison in “The Doors.” Val had not only a significant resemblance to Jim, but also more than worthy vocal and independently performed all the songs heard in the film, so not everyone will distinguish them from the original voice of the musician. In subsequent years, came a series of films with the participation of Kilmer, including “Thunderheart,” “True Love”, where he played most of Elvis Presley, “The Real McCoy” and blockbuster Joel Schumacher’s “Batman Forever”, where Kilmer starred. Another significant work was published in 1995, the painting “Fight”, where his partners set steel Al Pacino and Robert De Niro. And in the movie “The Island of Dr. Moreau,” he starred with Marlon Brando themselves.
Kilmer continued active acting career and among the future most notable of his works can be noted such films as “The Ghost and the Darkness,” “Holy,” “Red Planet,” “Blind Horizon”, “Setting”, “Spartan”, “Hunters for the mind” “The Ring of the Dragon”, “Alexander”, “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,” “Deja vu”, “Columbus Day”, “The time is now 2:22 …”, “Thaw”, “Seven feet” and “between.”
It is worth noting that Val Kilmer is talented in literature, as early as 1983, he published a collection of poetry.

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