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Unravel captivates with comfort and coziness. Each level is, in fact, it was normal for us venue: the garage, humming machinery factory, a garden in the backyard, snow-covered edge of the forest. But they are shown through the perception of the tiny creatures, not familiar neither with the life of people and the surrounding world. And therefore will not Unravel from the first minute infects curiosity about everything around you. Everything is so big, strange… and terribly interesting.
Wool Yarni, stretching his arm awkwardly lowers his car seat, then tries to say Hello with a friendly butterfly, with some effort knocked from the branches apples to make a makeshift floating bridge, dodging whirring forty and makes another bunch of crazy mental things somehow want this very moment to make a tea with jam and wrap yourself up in a warm blanket.
Wool universe Peter Parker
Yarni knitted from the yarn, and the yarn is our main resource, and an interesting way to split the level into parts. For a man stretches woolen thread, and not to “end up”, we have to collect wool. Yarni because lives literally from roll to roll.
Along the way you improvise: linked thread two points to get, say, the bridge on the trampoline, swing from one elevation to another, using yarn as a lasso. Remember the old game about spider-Man. Yarni jump from branch to branch about the same as Peter Parker between the skyscrapers. Or, if you like Nathan Spencer from Bionic Commando. On these tricks with yarn constructed of elementary physical puzzles: drag the stones on a piece of wood to create a counterweight to LOB the thread through the block and continue in the same spirit.
And the yarn is constantly unfolding. If you try to pass the level a suboptimal way, the thread can end in two steps from the winding (control points), and Basilissa Yarni, which has left a trace (literally), will have to drag back and release your colon of unnecessary hooks to make it to a new portion of yarn and refreshment.
Most of the problems were solved by making a particular combination of bridges, blocks, and “obstacles” for rocking.
From time to time short of setting pull you out of the stagnant gameplay cycle. Here’s how Chipmunk, for example.
Drag if you are in the right place snow or a tin can — the difference is actually no.
Nice and empty
Unravel almost did not change the rules to end the game. All show in the beginning, and then you have ten hours to decide painfully similar problems. End location is always a bit more entertaining than the other, a puzzle and finding another knit stripe symbolizing not family unity, not fragile memories of the past, and not very pleasant.
All the way Unravel the same type of gameplay masks the soothing combination of picture and sound, and you may start to convince yourself subconsciously saying that it’s not the game is boring, it’s just I relaxed.
And on the one hand — Yes. Unravel most of the time and really has a powerful relaxing effect and tells a heartfelt, if somewhat naive story about family, childhood memories and about how fast the time flows. Maybe you’ll even fall into a light melancholy and think that it would be nice to call friends with whom long time no see. Games have recently become often refer to such issues, but Unravel not trying to squeeze your heart. It works quite subtly, silently bringing everything you need.
Flight in a plastic bag — the moment of catharsis. No, seriously!
But if you start to expand the gameplay to pieces, you risk to be disappointed. The puzzles don’t change, and soon the events came under the power of muscle memory — puzzles solved on the machine memorized the algorithm or at random. And when the physics engine starts to storm, for example, the desired object firmly stuck in the geometry, to apathy added irritation. It’s not the emotions that should cause Unravel?
Like Limbo, Unravel emphasis on aesthetics, and the physics of the main character, but if in Limbo multiple replay segments seemed to be organic (the game, for the most part, about the darkness and destruction), to Unravel the undershoot, flights, and other physical incidents only break the rhythm, break the charm… in short, upsetting.
But purely on the level of feelings Unravel in a very correct way. If you do run a knit man — easy, plain, but nimble and able to climb anything. From the point of view of tactile sensations Yarni one of a kind — it can be put on a par with the ori from last year Ori and the Blind Forest, alien snot of Mutant Blobs Attack and other physical characters of the game.
The levels are completely interactive from the point of view of physics. You can jump on the piano — they will make sounds. You can jump into the well. And you can get into the kettle, why not?
Unravel has a luxurious look like in the entourage of the household…
…and in nature.
But imagine the situation. Knitted man struggling to drag a dimly burning light up the snowy hill. Every few seconds a gust of wind blows the hero along with the bulb down, so it needs to be lifted slowly, repeatedly tying sticking out of the ground pegs. On the final straight, when every unnecessary movement can cost you life, I dragged the lamp to the peg and press the desired button. However, the game decides that I need to remove the node from the lamp, and Yarni silently flies off into the fog. For the fourth time.
According to the creators, this level should be the emotional climax Unravel. I remember how heart ached in the final Journey where everything is too expensive over through the storm. Now the heart is not compressed. I’m just annoyed and want to pass the damn level.
Alas, Unravel almost instantly disappears from memory. This is one of those games that in a conversation can only say “yeah, cool stuff”, and nothing more. Her story is not as deep to really sink into the soul, and the gameplay is not as inventive, not to slip into a repetition of the same action.
Advise Unravel only as a one-time charge of beauty, joie de vivre and crystal-clear goodness. It copes with it perfectly
Again — if you are willing to forgive everything else.

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