Underworld: Blood Wars Desktop wallpaper

Underworld: Blood Wars

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DESCRIPTION. The Lycans were increasing their power, ready to strike a victorious blow to the ancient clan of bloodsuckers, which is still headed by a desperate Celine. Her enemies-the werewolves there is a new leader – a cruel and charismatic Marius, perfectly knowledgeable about the hidden weaknesses of our heroine. Arrogant type assemble a mighty army to put an unexpected visit to the secret lair of the eternal enemies. People standing in a corner, shocked watching the epic fights.
Gradually thickens the deadly darkness, and the Lycans get worse. They need red blood Celine to get the long-awaited immortality and completely dominate the planet. Opponents of Marius forced together, otherwise soulless werewolves can easily kill a centuries-old vampire clan. Bold character, Beckinsale helps young David gathered sufficient resources to deter enemies.
Suddenly it becomes clear that Celine oppose not only the men-Lycans, but a separate group of vampires. Vile traitors choose the stronger side than complicate the lives of David and associates. Ahead of the deadly battle, the results of which either the werewolves or their eternal enemies will disappear forever!

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