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Is the rabbit hole goes deep?
We are always ready to defend the established cliches: to remind critics that clichés become popular for a reason, and that is never a sin to use a long-proven methods of narrative, if you do it with talent and inspiration. Still, competently executed patterns compare with the moment when the next game or the movie manages to hit you to the core, to show that something that you have not seen. Something begs the obvious, desirable, but for some reason has not yet occurred to anyone.
Undertale – of those works, which it manages with surprising ease. The game does not hesitate comes with aces, in the training episode introduces players to one of his central themes – that which He does not expect any of the cute fairy tales about the boy in the world of good monsters, either from the simulator Damien. Later, however, aforesaid theme fades almost to the finals, appearing in only a few episodes and phrases that is not surprising to miss … in fact, it is the first stage with respect to: a narrative in Undertale is highly dependent on the player’s actions, so you never know where and how it will be revealed in all its glory in front of you personally.
And please, do not be surprised vagueness of the previous paragraph. It would be desirable to tell about the most important, most wonderful thing in Undertale, bluff – is not an option. Yes, there is something that makes the game not just a very good and great, worthy of inclusion in the history books of games as an art. And this, to be honest, I want to yell at each corner. But you can not. This is one of those cases when the spoilers are completely unacceptable. This is one of those cases where every self-respecting gamer should familiarize themselves with the game.
Plus, it’s nice, it’s not the case, as in To the Moon, when one element of a good pull on itself full of shitty whole. No, even when Undertale does not produce revolutions, it remains a very resourceful, talented game with excellent gameplay.
Interface is fighting the order looks like a lot of incremental rolёvok where enemies are opposite to each other and exchanged attacks. Only here the choice of attack – the small part of the battle. The most interesting thing begins as soon as comes your turn to defend. Heart, symbolizing the player is trapped in a small box for a few seconds, and the enemy is taken to fill his shots from all angles, as if in some Bullet Hell. First time to evade enemy attacks is simple, but more and more cunning becoming situation: self-guided balls give way to shapely legs, strong biceps, bombs and cheerful doggie, and some bosses and completely change the mechanics of all recognition, turning the battle in the rhythm of the game , the platformer, in “Who wants to be a millionaire?”. By and large Undertale – one of those rare games where you would expect with a sincere each new monster, wondering, “What kind of an ingenious attack I’ll have to go through this again?”
And this is even without taking into account the fact that all the monsters have their own characters and communicate with them in the midst of the battle – the source of many good (or even bad) jokes. That there is only one Tsunderlёt constantly shouting: “And it is I do not like!” During the attack …
However, if you do not want to talk to them – to force the game will not. Fortunately there are present two fundamentally different, but equally worked way: classic and pacifist. You can cut the monsters, XP, download, receive LV, become stronger and fight to break the surface of the home. And you can pose as a good-natured pacifist, words and actions provoke nearby enemies to lay down their arms and to retreat. The second option, of course, seems more interesting is simply because in other games nothing like usual, but believe me: “traditional” way, too, have something to surprise. Especially grind fans.
Undertale all surprised almost constantly. Designer Toby Fox obviously studied attention to detail in the same metaphorical school attended by Hideo Kojima: sometimes it seems that all sorts of secrets and interesting details in Undertale more than the main content. They again do not want spoilers, but here are a couple of simple examples: one of the later bosses can instantly withdraw from the battle by using his eyes the object of the game, and the starting gun – a stick – is extremely effective in fights with dogs.
Approach Toby Fox, in fact, is perfect: instead of ten hours to rivet monotonous content, he made the game in 6-10 hours long, but saw to it that all this time was full of variety and fine detail, allowing Undertale adequately respond to a variety of experiments by the player. And yet the author told a very beautiful, deep, multi-faceted history and introduced us to a number of diverse characters. Not the fact, however, that these comical exaggerated personality like all who are with them will face: if somewhere in Undertale and appears excessive childishness, so it is in its characters. But give them a chance: most of them are much deeper and more interesting than it seems at first glance.
Undertale has become one of the Internet phenomena, which people do not learn from “professional” critics who have forgotten what the game is and outside AAA blockbusters, and from each other. This is both a great and sad: great to see that the true masterpieces find their way to the gamers in spite of everything, but it is sad that the big sites can not cope with one of its main duties – to tell the audience about the really important, unique projects. This concerns us, in fact – this text came to light only because one reader took matters into their own hands and lectured Undertale browser. Thanks to him.
And for those who, like us, put off Undertale «for later” – good advice: stop. Go to Steam, buy, pass. Now. Do not wait until Undertale of Fame will be nowhere to hide, and you can not help her learn all the secrets of others. Not too late. She deserves it.
You deserve it.

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