Transformers: Age Of Extinction desktop wallpaper

Transformers Age Of Extinction

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Four years after the alien attack on Chicago, the world has changed. Autobots and their enemies the Decepticons ever left the ground, at least, so it seemed at first glance. But a certain group of businessmen financed a project aimed not only to destroy the remainder of alien robots, but also to the production of these nanometals. Their bodies contain a lot of useful things for our planet. Progress and development of nanotechnologies for the creation of high-powered weapons will come very quickly and soon, if they succeed. First conceived goes according to plan, people control the process. But very soon the situation gets out of control, and high-tech machines invulnerable killer began to create havoc on our planet. In parallel to the Earth is attacking one of the most ancient Transformers who came here from another galaxy. He starts to destroy the city on his intergalactic ship. Are Autobots be able to save Earth and survive against their sworn enemies, this time?
As in the three previous films of Michael Bay on the confrontation of alien robots and humans, the focus of the fourth side is the family history. Back Bay took up his. But at the same time he gives us to understand that the war robots now moved to another level.
It is necessary to pay tribute to the fact that this part of the saga of the Transformers is different even increased rigidity, than it was, for example, in the third film. There also was a place much more eventful story. Although it seemed that it did not already find the “continuation”. The fourth “Transformers”, although they are positioned as a brand new story, the human characters become heroes clearly dimmer previous trilogy. But the character of Mark Wahlberg brought paint film role after pitching. New Transformers: Age of destruction in 2014 almost completely re-composition. Thus it came to not only the actors. Robots are also become ‘other’ ‘. From the previous parts here we moved several Autobots. And all of this. Of course, the story pulls the viewer’s attention. The special effects are also attracting attention. Watch online Transformers: The Age of destruction was still nice. But acting still leaves much to be desired. Nevertheless, the fourth – a new – a movie about alien robots who came to our planet to find out “cabal”, looks stronger and more thoughtful than its predecessor. More precisely their predecessors. Have fun. It will be beautiful. And powerful. As always.

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