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Trackmania Turbo

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Trackmania Turbo is perfect for those players who are experiencing genuine delight to travel on a roller coaster.
Such games like Trackmania Turbo have not enough for the current generation consoles and personal computers. This crazy race through the bizarre routes, one of its kind that violate the laws of logic and gravity, and race which can only real pro and a little crazy, capable of millisecond to enter the most sharp turns.
Against the background of other arcade racing, which greedy publishers wring their prices, divine the price tag of $ 40 once a player to his potential. Indeed, the relatively modest price of the project offers a lot of interesting things: the multiplayer mode via split-screen, four dissimilar types of cars, two hundred ready-made tracks, powerful editor – and this is only a small part of what there is in Trackmania Turbo. Moreover, the full game will be revealed only to the really experienced riders, and experience, as you know, comes with time. And in this case the experience will come a very long time.
From an artistic point of view, Trackmania Turbo – this clumsy game Pestryaev bright colors and wild, even bizarre lines, though during check-in time is not particularly admire the panorama will. Trails are short enough, so a victory in many races often depends on how well riders have memorized the route. Even more – some require the user to track the precise actions so that it would be easier to put the car on the track, than to remember every millimeter of roadway.
Trackmania Turbo something similar to Trials (another project from publisher Ubisoft, but only with motorcycles): only those riders who literally arrival route to the holes can count on it too to win the races.
The game is divided into four sectors, each of which is represented by its own type of racing car: the stadium will have to drive on the local counterparts cars F1, when racing at the Grand Canyon is only suitable oil cars.
Each type of machine presented its model of behavior on the road. In our view, more successful in all of racing spirit of classic arcade games from the 90’s transmit buggy and has the above-mentioned oil-cars.
Although the track itself looks clumsy in terms of design, trap them apart very creative. Obstacles can be right in the middle of the road, jumps, taking into account the velocity of the car, start the riders high in the sky, and the wrong path chosen start over uncontrolled rotation. Fortunately, all easily solved by restarting, and then another, and another …
In addition to the campaign and arcade races in Trackmania Turbo has a lot of fun and even a little crazy multiplayer modes. How do you, for example, the opportunity to compete for the championship in a crowd of a hundred riders, so even with the pop-up ghost cars? Opportunities gobs, and a comfortable lobby helps to find worthy opponents.
Of course, in addition to the modes of the network and have the opportunity to play on a local divided into four parts the screen – there exists the perky co-op for two people who are trying to manage a single machine. There is a mode for several players without split screen, like Micro Machines, which had fallen off the screen the driver is out of the race.
But like it or not, over time, even the most complex and unusual route will begin to pall – here it comes in a powerful editor that allows you to fully display their crazy ideas. If you’re a lousy designer or too lazy to sit down and engage in construction, you can always create a route automatically, or to look at the creations of other players.
Trackmania Turbo – bright and crazy arcade game, which is easy to recommend not only to fans of high speeds and high-quality racing games, but just a noisy company wishing to have a great time.

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