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Total War: Warhammer

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Total War: Warhammer
Description of the game, information about the multiplayer, evaluation and feedback
Release Date: May 24, 2016
Developer, Publisher: Creative Assembly, SEGA / SoftKlab
Genre: Real-time Strategy (Turn-based)
Platform: PC (Win / Mac)
Total War: Warhammer
Real Time Strategy incremental elements. The game takes the characters from the Warhammer universe in a bloody pseudo Total War universe. Instead, the cavalry is now the orcs instead of infantry – gnomes.
The early part of the series of “total war” were dedicated to specific historical periods and situations are played out in a specific historical period. In the new game all the action is transferred to the fictional Warhammer universe, which will be played and a bloody battle between the famous characters – the Imperials, Dwarves, Orcs, Vampires and amateur Chaos Divine image.
The distinctive features of the universe of games, “Wahi” has always been epic battles and vast history of the world. The Total War: Warhammer gameplay is split into two modes – company mode, in which the player will build cities, recruit warriors, trade and learn the immense history. The second mode allows to focus exclusively on the battle – you just give the whole army. In both modes, victory conditions and duration are very different.
Game class at the time of release, only five – Dwarfs, Empire, Orcs, Chaos Vampires and indivisible. Each faction has a specific task – to win. Vampires prevent all quietly move through locations, Orcs roam the crowds and all counter attack, Gnomes thousand years trying to avenge the previous offense, and the Chaos Gods simply wish to destroy all entities. The game for each fraction is different and requires skill. In the future promise to add classes of Elves and Skaven.
Each class can handle magic – just a game of eight schools of magic. For example, the Dwarfs can increase the vitality of all its units and their health. Vampires can suck off your power units, and resurrect fallen war and put into their ranks. Dirty Orcs can easily send down scabies and other diseases on the enemy. Thus, the technology replaced by magic, it will make the players delve deeper into the gameplay.
As for the network part: there is a co-operative multiplayer campaign for two players on the global map, like thereof, in TW: Attila. Each player controls his faction, trying to lead the team to victory over the bots, all systematically capturing and destroying move by move. Supports and battle 4 4 – can be played with live players or AI to select as opponents, but there is already a pure shooter without a global map.
A special word deserves the gaming world, carefully traced and the corresponding realities of the universe Warhammer. All game models are drawn again and are reworking old. All fractions remember each other old grievances, some characters will tell you a new story from the life of the universe. The whole atmosphere is complemented by a good soundtrack – not very memorable, but what cries of game characters and their voices!
Total War: Warhammer deserves attention fans of both series. Fans of historical strategies are sure to enjoy new interpretations and Warhammer fans of the series will be happy to meet with old friends, and even descended into a bloody battle. And yes, finally in front of us the finished product, with no problems with optimization in Rome 2.

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