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English actor.
Born in the small town of Halle – in the north-east of the UK, the 25/02/1937. There’s also the future actor learned – at school Kingston High School (even then he developed an interest in theater and cinema). After – Courtney entered the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London.
The cast of Tom Courtney debut took place in 1960, in London’s Old Vic Theatre. Exactly one year later he was playing at the Cambridge Theatre.
In the movie – since 1962. And first it is the role of rebellious teenager Smith, Colin, who can not put down even a colony, in the socio-piskhologicheskoy drama directed by Tony Richardson, one of the representatives of the British “new wave», «The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner» brought actor success and award British Academy Award for most promising actor’s debut.
Early in his career Tom Courtney is very lucky to talented directors. In the film, another representative of the generation of “angry” John Shlezengera “Billy Liar” (1963, on the novel by Keith Waterhouse) actor played several roles that are concentrated in the young history of man Fischer, quite ambitious, but wallowing in a boring office clerk. The only repose of his soul is in a fictional fantasy world that has nothing to do with the life of the middle class.
A year later, in 1964, Tom Courtney won the Venice Film Festival for his role as Arthur’s Hump ordinary soldier from the film of Joseph Losey «King & Country». And a year later, in 1965, Courtney’s name was well known to the international audience, as in the famous and large-scale adaptation of the novel by Boris Pasternak’s “Doctor Zhivago”, which carried out the famous English director David Lean, the actor played one of the central characters in the dramatic history background of the revolutionary events in Russia in 1917. Courtney strikingly conveys the complex transformation of your hero – the young revolutionary Pasha, which is found on the roads of the civil war, Yuri Zhivago (Omar Sharif), becoming a militant-minded communist leader, unfeeling red commissar Strelnikov. For his work, Tom Courtney claimed for the award “Oscar” for Best Supporting Actor.
Despite the fact that the actor’s work Tom Courtney was appreciated by experts and cinema, and professionals, colleagues and viewers, it is still more time throughout his subsequent career devoted to the theater. Since 1966, Tom worked in the theater Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester. Among the most memorable roles of that period were, for example, King Lear and Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya. On television and radio, the actor does not appear as often as it was accepted by his colleagues. And yet that little work of Tom Courtney on the BBC in the early 1970s did not go unnoticed and was again appreciated.
In 1983, after a ten-year absence from movies and television, Tom Courtney triumphantly returned to the role of Norman costume drama “The Dresser,” faithful servant fading actor and director with the manners of a despot (Albert Finney). As long as a hero is naughty Finney, scandals, is opposed to the stage and age, Norman, as it may help him perform all his whims and caprices, indulging the desires of all, it is clearly presenting the true attitude of the actor Sir. For the role of Tom Courtney Norman won the “Golden Globe” as best dramatic actor and was nominated to receive the award “Oscar”.
In 1990-2000-s Tom Courtney is also very often not appeared on movie screens. One of his last roles – Farder Coram in the film adaptation of a science fiction novel by Philip Pullman «The Golden Compass» 2007.
Life Tom Courtney evolved standard: he was married twice (from 1973 till 1982nd he was married to actress Sheryl Kennedy, and since 1988 – Married to Isabel Crossley, manager at the theater Royal Exchange Theatre).

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